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Make It : At home: DIY tray-table ironing board

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Today's TV Tuesday post written by Kirsten Earl, TV Crafter and TV addict:

The incredibly fabulous TV-table ironing board

The incredibly fabulous TV-table ironing board

I like to believe that it's not just me who still has those hideous wooden folding TV tray tables from the college/just-out-of-college era. My husband and I now have an actual kitchen table to eat on, but I held onto the folding tables because they work well for setting up my sewing machine when I want to craft while I'm watching "LOST" or something. [You would think by now I would have some fabulous piece of furniture in my living room that morphs like a Transformer into a sewing station when I need it and disappears behind beautiful doors when I don't, but I have yet to discover such a thing. Or such a thing that would still allow me an unobstructed view of Ben Linus and the smoke monster.]

Most of the sewing I do is quilting, and quilting involves a lot of ironing, and dragging out an ironing board requires too much motivation sometimes. And if you're a quilter, you know that a lot of the things you have to iron are small, and numerous enough that you don't want to keep going from machine to ironing board and back. I decided if one of my tray tables were somehow to become a small handy ironing board, all would be right in my TV/craft-addict world.

The gallery below shows my process for the transformation -- I even made a pretty washable cover for it, and I'm very pleased with the results.


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My table with no bonnet.

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  • Great idea - now if I could only find someone else to do my pressing for me I'd be in heaven.......

  • That is the best idea ever!

  • Such a great idea! The best part is that you can fold it away for easy storage! :)

  • This is such a GREAT idea...I just had to get rid of my ironing board(broken). Now...if I just hadn't gotten rid of those tv tables!!!!!!

  • I am a new quilter living in a senior apartment with limited space. This is a wonderful idea. I don't have to clutter up my entire apartment while I work on my quilt. Love it!!!

  • I just love this idea. I live in an apartment and I'm limited on space. The big traditional ironing board just has no place to be stoed when not in use. I just love this size and easy to store. Thank-You!!!

  • Excellent idea, thank you for sharing your genius!

  • I really very liked this post. Can I copy it to my blog? Thank you in advance. Sincerely

  • Crafter Comment:

    Glad you like the post. You can copy it to your blog.

  • This sounds great, I have one of those silicone ironing pads, they work so awesome on my kitchen island and even on top of my bed when I just need a quick press, I wonder if I could do the same process as you did without making a bonnet? I might buy another one and see! Like you I also love to quilt and watch tv. Thanks for the tip

  • I have the TV trays too, but when I want a little more adjustability and space, I use my Ironing board as a sewing table. Then I can set exactly the height I want, and have room to press when I need to, or stage my pieces to make the sewing go faster.

  • This is such a great idea! I am in the process of making over my sewing/quilting room and have been searching the internet to purchase an iron board that will go with my new 10' foot counter top! I have the exact same TV trays! Thanks for the great idea!

  • One question! Why do I see the checked fabric under the bonet?

  • I have a question on picture 7. Why is there a checked fabric under the bonet?

  • Oh, someone borrowed my idea. I needed a smaller and portable ironing pad to use when quilting. The only thing I did different was use the type of batting that you would use making hot pads. I've been using my T.V.T.ironing board for quite some time, it fits nicely next to my sewing machine. I can even take it to quilting classes. Enjoy!!

  • Thank you for the step by step instructions with pictures. I plan to make my TV tray ironing board this afternoon.

  • Kirsten...I just had a thought about making an ironing table, googles it...and there you were ! Great idea and instructions! I make vintage hankie pillows and need a simple, small, square, ironing table to work with...this is perfect.
    Thank you for your idea and putting it out there.

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