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Around Town : A Souk in Brooklyn

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A couple of weekends ago, the Brooklyn Academy of Music hosted a souk, or open air market, showcasing some of the beautiful traditions of several diverse Muslim cultures.   The upbeat music and dance, along with brightly colored handmade crafts, made for a very lively atmosphere.

Souk Market beads

There were piles and piles of beautiful beads....

Souk fabrics 1

And so many fabrics with such vibrant colors and patterns...

Souk market fabrics 2

I bought some fabric for a project I have in mind.  Hopefully I'll report back soon with the final product!

Souk lidded basket

Look at these beautiful baskets!  The Crafters here were lucky enough to actually speak with a Rwandan woman recently who has worked with Macy's to develop the Rwanda Path to Peace Collection, with exquisite hand-woven baskets similar to these.  The sale of these exceptional crafts benefits the artisans who create them.  

Souk Baskets

I spent quite some time trying to choose my favorite color... 

Souk basket patterns

and pattern!


Comments (6)

  • Very pretty and colorful stuff, the second picture with the so many fabrics and vibrant colors I think from Senegal. This souk reminded me of the market in Senegal. Love your post!

  • I'll make a deal with you, send your left over fabric to me and I will come be creative too and show you what this M can do!

  • So many bright colors. So beautiful!!!

  • It's great to come across this website. I appreciate
    this exposure of pictures from home. It is very informative and educates many to our culture and beautiful textiles. We at QSV love this!

  • indeed all senegalese baskets and prayermats etc etc - not rwanda at all

  • sorry no senegalese prayermats - but fabrics from ghana etc elsewhere -

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