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On The Web : Finally

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Muji is online! I love this shop for its simple, non-branded office supplies - - you can tell by the small collection I've accumulated. We're lucky enough in New York to have a few shops around the city to go to, but up until now that was it for the US. Now I can impulse buy from the comfort of my own home. Happy shopping.

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  • Finally! Muji is awesome, awesome.

  • Finally! Love everything.

  • Yay! I missed my favourite high street hang out when I came to the states from the UK, great news! I'm in love with my bedding I got there, their home stuff is really cool.

  • I LOVE Muji! Unfortunately I live in Canada and there's no store here (yet; PLEASE come to Canada - preferably Toronto) but when I was in Hong Kong earlier this year, I bought a mountain of their stuff.

  • WOO HOO!!! they're finally online. the site is loading now - quite slowly. Makes me wonder if they even know how many people have been waiting for them to begin selling online?!

  • i LOVE muji! when i lived in japan, i was an absolute addict. if only they'd bring their housewares and clothes to the states too!

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