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lyra colored pencils

I should have probably already known about these, but I just came across the Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Colored Pencils this weekend. They are stunning. I don't use colored pencils a lot so even though they seem to get top marks all around for quality, I'm really just wooed by their look. I suggest making a trip to your local art shop just for a peek.

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  • These are beautiful--Lyra products are great. I recently saw for the first time/fell head over heels in love with Lyra's metallic pencils. They had them out for kids to use in the artmaking room at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in central Mass (totally worth a visit, BTW), and I've been coveting them ever since!

  • Crafter Comment:

    That's so funny, Paige - I used to work at the Eric Carle Museum way back in their development stages, so I know it very well. What a coincidence! It really is a fantastic place.

  • I could not live without my artist pencils! I use them constantly, and finally found a place where I can order them individually. I am a doll-maker and I love, love, love them for the details that my shaky hands can no longer alow me to do with my paint brush!

  • Oh, and I wanted to also add that they are not the easiest to find in my area, except that Hobby Lobby carries a nice set for sure. I went to ArtMart in St. Louis and they do not carry them....nor does Michaels..... They are so very awesome. I cannot express how much joy these little pencils have given me. The color does NOT run. You can layer and mix your colors beautifully. So, so wonderful. I will shut up now.

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