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Inspiration Board : Attractions in St. Louis, MO

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Today's TV Tuesday post by Kirsten Earl, TV Crafter and "Plus One:"

This past weekend I traveled with my husband to his hometown of St. Louis, MO, for the wedding of one of his high school friends. I've been to St. Louis several times and toured the sights with my husband and his family, but the venues this happy couple chose for their wedding events were two I hadn't visited before: The St. Louis Artists' Guild and the City Museum.

The rehearsal dinner took place at the Artists' Guild: a beautifully restored 1920's mansion in Clayton's Oak Knoll Park. I was so impressed with the all the Guild does for local artists and art education, and I was particularly fascinated by one current exhibit: that of William Lobdell's work. He creates multi-dimensional paintings and artwork with incredible use of perspective, layering, and - most impressively - thousands of found objects. I have included a gallery of my photos below, but they do not do his paintings and sculptures justice. Check his website for where you can find his work; I highly recommend experiencing it in person.


Picture 3 of 14

close-up of crane - awesome detail!!

I must also mention the City Museum, a warehouse-sized interactive art project where the wedding reception took place -- another creative and impressive (overwhelming?) use of found objects. The museum is literally made out of the city: Artist Bob Cassidy and his team put together a giant playground for all ages using reclaimed building materials and discarded objects from within the St. Louis city limits, including two abandoned planes, scrapped construction cranes, old chimneys, and salvaged bridges.




Enchanted Caves


Architecture Hall

The pictures are the museum's own; my husband hogged our camera to capture - of all things - the reception, which took place in the spacious Architecture Hall.  Visit their website to see and learn more, and do NOT miss this place if you live near or pass through The Lou.

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  • Clearly you're not from St. Louis... no one calls is The Lou- we call it the STL.

    -just sayin'

  • the city museum is amazing. i tell anyone who is visiting st. louis to make it a destination for the trip.

    and yes, we do call it the LOU.

  • thank you so much for commenting on william's exhibition. i am the gallery director at the guild and am thrilled that enjoyed the exhibition and our space. i will share your comments with william and with everyone that works at the guild.

    i am a transplant but do call it the LOU!

    thank you.

  • i am the gallery director at the st. louis artists' guild and want to thank you for your kind words. i have to say that i randomly ended up on this blog site via "wren handmade" and i was looking at all of the entries and found something oddly familiar - william lobdell's work. small world!

    thank you again and i will make sure to share your post with the rest of the guild.

    *i am a transplant but totally call it the LOU!

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