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Open Studio : More Craft Room Organization

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The key to keeping our craft space functioning is organization. We try our best to group like objects. For example, our nature closet includes acorns, pine cones, wreath forms, pressed flowers, fake flowers, floral supplies, and a whole lot of other similar materials, tools, and supplies. My favorite closet is the Paper/Party closet. It hold our our streamers, lanterns, birthday candles, balloons, candy (organized by color), wrapping paper, wallpaper, and scrap paper, among other things.


When I first started working here, I was most blown away by our bin of cupcake wrappers. There is such a variety, we actually had to break them down into several bins of cupcake liners.

That bin on the bottom is the panibois and berry basket bin, which seems pretty closely related to cupcake liners.


Quite a collection, huh?


In case you think it's a little excessive, be aware, they make perfect disposable containers for crafting. Sometimes we use our more basic cupcake liners for paint or glitter.

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  • love the liners. what are the resources to get them? love the pink nut/candy cups.

  • Oh the cupcake wrappers! I would never ever leave that room. Those boxes are my idea of heaven!

  • Crafter Comment:


    a few of our favorite resources are...

  • Oh this would be the best gift ever, to get these bins of glorious random cupcake liners!

  • Wow that is quite the collection of cupcake liners! I had no idea you could get some many wonderful designs. Gonna have to keep my eyes open for ones a little more exciting than the ones in my cupboard!

  • Morgan -
    Thank you so much for mentioning Bake It Pretty in this post as a favorite resource - we really appreciate it! Of course, if you are ever in need of of new products or samples, we are happy to oblige :)

  • How could anyone think that was excessive?:)

  • Morgan-

    Thanks so much for the resources. You can never have too many cupcake liners. :)


  • Great ideas! I just finished organizing my office/craft room as well

  • Those cups are so colorful and beautiful!

  • I love all of those bins, I really could use alot more in my crafts rooms! I have one room for sewing and another for scrapbooking (paper crafting). I never have enough bins!

  • We absolutely love to find cupcake liners all over the world and them bring them to your fingertips at Sweet Cuppin Cakes Bakery and Cupcakery Supplies. You can never be overstocked in pretty paper supplies!

  • I'm so impressed with the organization. I think I need someone to come and organize my studio for me, it's a disaster. I am a full time teacher, and weaver on the side, which means I walk into my studio and can organize or make something, I always choose to make something. I need help!

  • ohhh i would love to dive into all of that! yeah! the glitter would be everywhere!! yahoo!

  • What a great collection!


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