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Around Town : Publicolor's Stir, Spatter & Roll Event

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Last April I volunteered at Publicolor's annual Stir, Splatter & Roll Benefit, a high-energy fundraiser that raises most of Publicolor’s program funds. Guests wore Tyvek jumpsuits and painted canvases alongside some of New York’s most talented artists, designers and architects. It turned out I wasn't the only Martha person present.


Gael Towey, our Chief Creative Director, and her husband Stephen Doyle, Creative Director at Doyle Partners, were Team Leaders at the event. They invited a few of our crafters, stylists, and art directors to join in painting their canvases, which were auctioned off to benefit Publicolor.


The team started off with a layer of blue Faux Bois that looked like water. They mingled while the first layer dried, and returned to the piece to stamp on the same rubber fish stamping technique Blake and Silke used in June's "Lasting Impression" story. Next, Hannah whipped out the glitter, they finished up the piece, and headed to dinner to learn more about the organization.


Publicolor is a wildly creative and wonderful non-profit organization with the following mission:

We use color, collaboration, design and the painting process to re-engage students in their education, schools and communities; to ultimately transform them into productive members of the workforce.

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  • What a great organization!
    I love the paintings in the picture above and the idea of helping children at the same time is a bonus. Color is very important to me and I know ART has been cut from so many schools, so this is a wonderful thing...or as Martha would say "It's a Good Thing"!

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