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Around Town : Renegade Craft Fair Round (up) Two

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While Marcie was busy at her booth at Renegade this weekend, I was free to wander around and enjoy the rest of the fair. I took some pictures of a few favorite spots, but sadly missed a few great ones as well.

P.S. I have to apologize for the picture quality - my camera seems to be on the fritz!


You get a good idea of the crowds here. It really felt like an event - a sort of State Fair with a Brooklyn Twist. Instead of livestock, we've got crafts!


Marcie's Booth was full of great stuff, as usual. I absolutely love her faux bois platters. 


I knew I  liked these guys already, but Up in the Air Somewhere really wowed me in person. Their ceramics & paper bowls are gorgeous - and I loved the way they used layered paper to line the walls of their booth. So dreamy. 


These necklaces from Cursive Design are so light and airy - a perfect summer accessory. 


Laura at Wren Handmade also had some great, summery pieces. Don't you just love the fun, bright colors of her flower clips?


I absolutely love the quirky work of  Philadelphia - based Something's Hiding in Here. It was great to see it all in person.

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