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Make It : teacher's gifts

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It's the last day of school. Time for celebrating, writing in yearbooks, signing each other's t-shirts ..... and giving the teachers a gift to show our appreciation for all they did throughout the year.


At a recent school tag sale I saw a teacher come in with a bin of mismatched mugs and flower pots .... I don't want to give an unappreciated present like that, so I usually send a food gift, figuring everyone likes something yummy.

At the end of the summer I always put together an ice cream kit. I make 'hot fudge sauce', get these nice looking affordable ice cream scoops, add a certificate for ice cream from my most favorite pastry shop , and a few cocktail umbrellas for fun.


Now all we need is some appropriate ice cream weather in New York. Have a fun summer with your kids !

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  • I am a former teacher and would have loved to have this as a gift! I will add that the best thing to receive is a sincere note of appreciation from the student and family.
    Thanks for the great suggestion!

  • Neat idea for a Teachers gift! I always make Beaded Hookmarks (bookmarks) with polymer clay beads I made myself for the kids teachers. I can make beads that suit the teacher's personality and the hammered copper hook makes it beautiful and unique. I know that every teacher has a book or two on the go, so I know they will use it.

  • Such a clever idea, I despise those presents that the poor teacher now has to find a place for in his/her home, something that they really don't want. I say; More food-presents for the teachers!

  • I sewed wine-bottle totes for my daughter's preschool teachers. What teacher wouldn't need a bottle of wine (and a tote for summer picnics) after nine months with a room full of 3 year olds?
    Photos here:

  • I think a nice teacher gift is a cert. to a restaurant, presented in a tiny lunchbox.

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