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Inspiration Board : A Visit Home

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I'm traveling to Hawaii this week to visit family. My mom usually greets me with a lei of plumeria flowers from our back yard (if they are in bloom). Lei making is one of my earliest crafting memories, they can be really simple or very elaborate and made from a wide range of materials; flowers, shells, feathers, ribbon, even candy. They are given and received at weddings, graduations, birthdays, or any day.

I found these great photos of lei sellers near the turn of the century and a great history of lei selling here. Have you ever made a lei?

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  • This was a very interesting article. I love leis and would love to know how to make the traditional Hawaiian ones with real flowers. The only ones I made were with tissue paper in school.

    Have a great time in Hawaii!

  • The Samoan families at my daughter's school made candy leis. They took a long length of colored saran wrap, then laid a piece of wrapped candy in a row down the long way. They'd roll the sides to enclose it, then took pieces of curling ribbon to tie the wrap between candies to seperate them (then curl the ribbon). Tie the long ends of the candy tube together, and there you have it! The recipents were thrilled; those who didn't were envious. So easy to make with after holiday sales that everyone can have one!

  • That great! Candy leis are so fun. Where are you writing from?

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