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Make It : Anniversary Card

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Just wanted to share the card I made for my husband for our second anniversary (the "cotton" anniversary).

We decided not to give each other gifts this year, and take a trip together instead. However, I CANNOT resist the challenge of a "theme" gift. So I decided to make a cotton card for my man.


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He absolutely loved it! It now has a place of honor on his desk.

How I did it: I first wrote my message on a plain white piece of paper and scanned it into my computer. To create "printable" fabric, I ironed some muslin onto freezer paper (which gives it a temporary backing) and cut it to the same dimensions as a letter-sized piece of paper. I fed this through my inkjet printer and printed my message directly onto the fabric, peeling away the freezer paper after (this is one of my all-time favorite tricks!).

I sewed the message to a piece of quilt fabric to make the inside of my card. For the outside of my card, I used Wonder-Under to fuse-applique a big "2" onto the front, and then satin-stitched (a zig-zag stitch with the stitch length set to almost zero) around it. I ironed the inside and outside of the card to a piece of Fast2Fuse (a fusible double-sided stiff/heavyweight interfacing) to make it more substantial, and then satin-stitched twice all around the edges to bind it.

PS. The "2" was cut from a scrap of the same fabric (silk, not cotton - oh well) I used to make his tie for our wedding. Yes, I made ties for all the men in my wedding, because I'm insane.

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  • This is such a sweet sentiment! I love this idea so much. Thank you for sharing your most private creation with us all.

  • Where can I get freezer paper? Do you have a good source?

  • Crafter Comment:

    The freezer paper is made by Reynolds (of "Reynold's Wrap") and you'll find most quilt shops will carry it, but you can sometimes find it at large supermarkets or Target-like places in the same aisle with the wax paper and plastic wrap. :)

  • i never heard of freezer paper... but since you mentioned it im conjuring up projects - thanks for the tip and kudos on a fab card!

  • Hello ! I think your project is really nice. In France, the 2nd anniversary is "Noces de cuir", which would be "leather anniversary", and the 1st is Cotton (I'll celebrate mine in august) ... It's probably different in the us. Cheers !

  • Our anniversary is in 2 days...I might just have to give him a late gift, because this is so adorable. I posted about it on my blog and linked back. Seriously so cute.

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  • Very clever anniversary card! Love the tip with the freezer paper as had not come across that before and the crd design is very pretty.

  • Love the applique style of this card. Very nice and a delightful 2nd wedding anniversary card. x

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