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Meet : Charley Harper

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I was very excited to see Purl announce its new collection of Charley Harper needlepoint canvases this week. I absolutely love the bright colors and minimal forms of his creatures and love how they look reproduced in yarn. They offer a lot of great information about the artist and his work in their post. It is definitely worth a read.

It got me clicking through the internet to find out more, and I landed at The Art of Charley Harper (at their suggestion). This is the go-to site for vintage prints & merchandise. Some of my favorite images available on the site are below:



Bluejay Bathing


Crow in the Snow


Baffling Belly

For more reading on the subject, any of these titles seem worth a look (also available here)





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  • I had never heard of Charley Harper, and then I found a copy of his "ABC's" chunky book at a local surplus store. I had never seen his work before, but I find myself thumbing through it often, even without my son! Such beautiful and interesting works!

  • I love Charley Harper's art. I discovered it at Old Navy of all places. Last year they carried wonderful t-shirts and games with his images on it. Sadly, my son has out-grown his t-shirt, but I think we still have a number of years to enjoy the memory card game. I believe the "Crow in the snow" is one of the cards!

  • While it's fantastic that Purl Bee is carrying a small selection of Charley Harper canvases, the ones they have are only the tip of the iceberg of his designs which have been adapted for needlepoint by the outstanding company of Susan Treglown Designs.

    Their extensive line of Harpers has been popular with needlepointers and Harper fans alike for many years.

    If people like Harper and either like or want to try needlepoint, there are many to choose from.

    Keep Stitching,
    Janet Perry
    The Internet's Leading Needlepoint Expert

  • This man's work has always been unique. I was happy to see his retrospective book being carried in both Anthropologie and Jonathan Adler stores. He was an icon of sixties minimalism. Nice to see him getting his props!

  • i love charley harper's paintings but i did not expect the wonderful interview also included in the book 'an illustrated life'. he had some wonderful insight to share reguarding life as an artist.

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