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Tools & Materials : Punch Around the Page!

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I am so excited to finally be able to introduce our new "Punch Around the Page" punch to you! The MSC team developed a system of edge punches that correspond to matching corner punches. They enable you to punch a continuous border around a page.


You start by punching the corners of a square or rectangle and follow up along the sides with the matching edge punch. For a more in depth how-to, head on over to Youtube.


Some corners even make these sweet little shapes when punched around a small square. Here are some projects I created while experimenting with the new punch...



Good for making photo frames...


fancy gift tags...



... placemats ...


This loop is my favorite at the moment. We also currently have a snowflake, spiderweb, and leaf "Punch Around the Page". They officially hit shelves today... We'd love to see what you come up with!

Happy Friday!

Comments (77)

  • I have to get one of these! Oh the possibilities...

  • Cutest tool ever!!! This is brilliant. I'm an edible crafts gal, but I'm turning to paper immediately.

  • okay now this is a very cool punch! This is going on my must have in the studio list.

  • So where's the link to buy the punch cutter??

  • I absolutely DO NOT need one of these but i absolutely WANT one of these!!!

  • Hello,

    This is so awesome and I need to get one!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  • I love this!!! I can't wait to go pick one up!!! So cute!

  • Thanks Valerie for showing us this great project!

  • So cute!

  • Oh, that's just too cute!

  • the Punch Around the Page edge and corner punches are available now at Michaels... currently there are 4 designs but there are more to come in October! Walmart will have them too in mid-September!

  • love them! they will be a must have at our next trip to Michaels :)

  • these are so beautiful! someday when im a girlscout leader ill buy all of the scouts martha stewart crafting products for the best christmas cards in the world! other troops will be jealous...

  • Very clever idea! I really like the the open airy design of this loop punch. Could see many uses for it!

  • I have been to several Michaels (CA) none in our stores. I talked to a manager and she didn't even know what I was talking about.

  • Wanted to share the project I did with the loop punch. Here's the link:

  • thank you for the tutorial I wasted lots of paper before I found this. now I can go create. love the new punches

  • Hello! I have never written a comment. I hope I can post this ok.

    I want to know how y'all store paper cards. What suggestions do you have?

    I make cards to give with gifts and/or by themselves.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer!

    Carrie Anna Baker

  • [...] about these nifty punch around the page cards? I need to get me some more Martha Stewart craft supplies! Looks like they just went out this week. [...]

  • This is fantastic, I am already thinking of all sorts of projects to do with it!

  • I happened to see Martha revealing this punch on Neil Cavuto's show and thought I have to get one!!

  • These are wonderful tools! Some Michael's already have them available for sale & on display (but only a few left as they're selling fast!). Other Michael's will be receiving and displaying their M.S. Seasonal products (such as these punches) sometime this week & next week.....I hope I will find the ones I like such as the loop. Didn't have it at the Michael's (Orlando FL) nearby.

  • This is the coolest tool ever. I can't wait to use on cards and scrapbook pages

  • This punch is wonderful. I would love to have one of these for frames for my two almost three grandchildren! I think this is the neatest tool I've seen.

  • I need ideas for storing my ribbon bowmaking supplies, using my dining table is not working,having to move all my "stuff" all day long kind of dissolves inititive. Unemployed and trying to start a business thru the web.
    Thanks for any ideas.

  • Approved.

  • I do a lot with childen and I known they'll enjoy this new tool.with your help they can.they will make cards,use on scrapbooks,they will come up with their own new ideas too.

  • I am still teaching crafts and ceramics at 74 years of age, my classes consist of women, all retired and several nearly ninety years of age.
    I would soak a piece of felt in porcelain slip and smooth it out and use the beautiful punch, then drape it onto a porcelain figure and fire it to maturity, and marvel as the design would be in porcelain and not a bit of felt to be seen, just beauty..inspiration inspires laughter, love which we all share here. Thankyou Martha! VR

  • I will definitely use these for invitations and gift tags, and might use these for hang tags and business cards for my craft show booth!

  • I got the spiderweb corner and borders the other day. Today I started playing with them to try out some ideas for Halloween cards and invitations. I think I may use them for the outside covers of two styles of pop-ups. And of course, I'll use my MS spider shape punch for embellishments.
    Then, time for snowflakes and winter holidays...

  • This punch is lovely. I wish it had come out sooner because it matches the theme of my wedding perfectly, which was an eclectic mix of black, white, and bling! Very cute, dainty, and magical with a touch of elegance of course. It will be the perfect touch for my thank you cards and wedding scrapbook.

  • Can't wait to get these punches. I want to use them to make some "lace" edging for my open kitchen shelves.

  • I just got these punches (the loop ones) yesterday! The video explained about the paper sizes perfect! I can't wait to play :)

  • We do not have stores where I live to get the Loop border punch and I REALLY NEED It - where can I order this? We have a Wal Mart but we never seem to get any updated s.b. things there - when we were on a trip I purchased the corner and love it - please LMK where I can purchase this online!!!!! Thank you.

  • You can order the loop edger punch on Have fun with it!

  • [...] Does Martha every have a bad idea? There are a bajillion different crafts to use this punch on. I want it! Martha Stewart Crafts Punch Around [...]

  • Fantastic idea. This is the first I've heard of these. I guess I haven't paid close enough attention at Michael's to the edge punches. I won't go into Walmart unless I have to. Are they available either place?

  • Yes! They are available at Michael's as well.

  • I absolutely have to have these....... and I live in the UK...... how, how, how do I get these>>

  • Delightful! Wish these could work on fabric (ha!) Cheers, Mandy

  • I just got my first set yesterday (snowflakes) and was playing around. I came over here because I had some trouble with getting them aligned and found the video which gives the correct sizes to cut the paper before doing this. I would like to suggest that if you could put that info on the packaging, it would be most helpful. I plan to give it another try now that I have this info.

  • I LOVE these punches but am frustrated that they are so hard to find. Would like to purchase the spiderweb corner and edger punches but they are not available at two Michael's stores near me and the only website I could find that had them was ebay. And they were overpriced of course. This is a great site for ideas and inspiration but please make the products more readily available. Thanks!

  • I love all of the Martha Steward punches, I currently have around 20 of them. My only problem is that 3 of them have lost their punch. They won't even cut through simple paper. I have never used them on anything other than paper or cardstock I've tried everything. Can you please offer up some suggestions. I can't afford to buy replacements and i love them so much.

  • use wax paper to "lube" your punch and tin foil to "sharpen" you punch. Just insert them one at a time like paper and punch a few times until the punch works like new!

  • [...] Stewart just came out with these super-sweet punch-around-the-page paper punchers. When I saw them I immediately sent the link to Daniel to show him how awesome they [...]

  • I've looked or called every Michael's in the LA area, and no store has the spider web edge punch. I bought the last spider web corner punch, but really want the edge punch, too. I checked Martha's 'on line store' and it's not there either. Where oh where can I find it??
    Thanks for your help. Halloween is coming and so is Halloween card making.....

  • HELP.. I GOT THE LOOP PUNCHES AND LOVE THEM I saw in a flash on your site someone had punched it is a circle. I know they were using the small Conner punch. I have used up a lot of paper trying to do this HELP>>>>

  • What size square did you start with to make the small cute loop circle. I purchased both the loop edge punch and corner punch, love them, but I've experimented with small square sizes and can't get it. Any tips on lining up the small square with the loop corner punch? Appreciate your help. Thanks, Sue

  • I started with a 1.5" x 1.5" square for the small loop circle. You should be able to line it up in the corner punch and punch four times around. Hope this helps!

  • I cannot find the around the page punch at Michaels or Walmart - Our Michael's has gotten in the fall punches and it was not in the bunch. How do I get these punches?

  • Could you please send me the exact directions for making the small square seal that you just use the corner loop punch for. I have tried varied size paper and can't get a balanced circle in the middle. I also am having problems lining up a corner after the previous corner has been punched since there is not a flat paper edge to place against the wing.

    Thank You

  • The loop punch and corner loop punch do not seem to be available at any retailer or on-line sites except Ebay where they are way over-priced. Some websites say they are out of stock due to the manufacturer. Does ANYONE know when we can expect them in stores??? I can't wait, I want them now.

  • I have 4 sets of these AWESOME punches. Deco fan, Scallop 3 dot, Loops and Double loops. I found 2 sets at Michaels, 1 set at Wal mart and 1 set off Ebay. I just made some super Christmas cards with them. They definitely are a must have for any crafter!!!

  • What a tease; I can't find this punch (the loops) anywhere! It's even used in the display. Where can I find it?

  • You can order these online at WalMart & have them shipped to the nearest store for FREE. Although they only have the leaves & spider sets now, the loops & 3 dots are out of stock.

  • when and where is the loop punch and corner punch be available? I have tried all scrapbooking places and no one has it available

  • I have said for years there was nothing new in the scrapping world that I wanted. These phenomenal sets have changed my mind! I now own 8 of them and am on the hunt to find the rest. Brilliant, gorgeous designs and so incredibly easy to use!

    I sure hope I see a seashore themed one this spring.

    THANK YOU for these incredible punches!

  • I found the loop punch set at and ordered them immediately. They came promptly and the transaction was flawless, plus the price was fantastic. I was very happy to finally find this set.

  • I can't get a continous punch; it's not lining up right. I punch the corner, then I can get the first edge punch going, but how do I line it up after that first edge punch??

  • i am really having allot of trouble finding the loop border edge punch, i travel allot with my husband. las vegas los angeles san diego imperial valley ,yuma arizona and have had no luck finding it . i have the corner loop punch but not the edge loop punch. please help me to find it.i really need it. i will really appreciate your help . thank you.

  • what is the measurement of the small square? Also, the silver line vs. the open corner of the punch is NOT meeting the fold line...are there any more specific directions here? I own (3) of these punches and so far no good...I always have a chunk of unpunched border and start over - one side is perfect..the other looks like it either went through a garbage disposal or I missed a chunk! YIKES! Send help! :)

  • Crafter Comment:

    Check out the link below for instructions on using the punch around teh page.

  • Hello,

    I love using craft punches in many different shapes in my craft projects. And of course have many of Martha's fabulous ones.
    I find this one very unique, easy to use and practical at the same time. Got to try it!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  • I would love to see a punch around the page shamrock set...and a large shamrock punch...any plans?

  • Hi, I posted a video tutorial on how to use the PATP punches on my blog. I am also giving away a set of the ladybug punches that are used in the video. You can click on the the link below to see what others are saying about these awesome punches. I absolutely love them!

  • I have the punch arounds and would like to know what the specific paper sizes are that work best with these punches.
    Thank you!

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  • [...] punch around the page kit had to be my favorite!  How adorable is this hand-crafted stationary that take seconds to [...]

  • [...] 1. Punch around the page – these are punches that you use around the edge of a page to create a decorative border; I think that there are also coordinating corner punches so that you can literally go all the way around the page you are doing: [...]

  • [...] on a plain paper to get a feel for them first, and found that trying to use them right-side-up, as recommended, was much too difficult.  It was much easier to line up the punches by holding them upside down, [...]

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  • [...] a close up shot. See that pink boarder-that’s my new favourite toy. It’s a loop edge punch by Martha Stewart. It’s new-I’ve used it on every layout I’ve made since I bought [...]

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  • [...] punch around the page kit had to be my favorite!  How adorable is this hand-crafted stationary that take seconds to [...]

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    Page! - The Crafts Dept.”, exceptionally engaging
    and also the blog post ended up being a wonderful read.
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