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Meet : Alexander Girard

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You probably find Alexander Girard's (1907-1993) playful imagery familiar. Much of his most recognizable work originated with his textile designs for Herman Miller between 1952-1975. His work's color and whimsy , largely inspired by folk arts from around the world, compliments the furniture developed at the same time.

palace this wall hanging he designed for Herman Miller in 1964.

Girard designed more than just textiles. He rebranded every aspect of Braniff airlines, maintaining his surprising colors and ethnic influences. This new brand declared "The end of the plain plane."


This is the new gate he designed, complete with Herman Miller chairs.

Recently, Girard's work has been reproduced and licensed through a variety of vendors.

dolls1Girard originally made these dolls for his home in Santa Fe. He donated them to the Vitra Design Museum, and now you can purchase reproductions.


House Industries has created fonts and objects inspired by his motifs, like this memory game.


Urban Outfitters just released a line of Girard inspired housewares too.

If his work inspires you, and you want to learn what inspired him, you can see his extensive collection of folk art from around the world at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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  • I love Alexander Girard's work. You can see his influence all over etsy. Those dolls are so inspiring, and by "inspiring" I mean they make me want to give up designing toys and crawl under my bed because I could never make anything that amazing.

  • Thank you for this overview--his work is so lovely and charming. I really appreciated seeing his influences here and how his work lives on--boy I love those dolls!

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