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Meet : Meet the Interns

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This is Laurel and Amy, we're the summer interns in the craft department. Laurel is a Sociology/Anthropology major at Middlebury College in Vermont. Amy graduated from RISD this past spring with a degree in Industrial Design.

We've been working on a variety of projects over the past few weeks, many of which include lots of glittering. Laurel was also working on sewing samples for a new project. Amy has been helping with holiday stories for upcoming issues of Living.

As crafters, this is a wonderful place to work. Our coworkers are lovely and there is an incredible abundance of materials (all of which are color coded and perfectly organized). We are lucky to be working in such a beautiful studio with a wall of huge windows overlooking the Hudson River- we've had an incredible view of the lighting storms in the past few weeks.

We're loving working here and the summer seems to be going by just a little too quickly. Do any of you or your friends have great creative internships?


Laurel embroidering and


Amy selecting glitter.

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  • You are living my dream! Am I too old to be an intern?!!
    what an amazing opportunity for you both-you will treasure it forever:)

  • Yes Yes! great summer internships? I have one!

    I write a blog for two creative, resourceful, and superfly event planners who have a company called THE ADVENTURE SCHOOL in Seattle!

    Besides getting to write about ridiculous things and fascinating people, I have the privilege of hanging around with Cori and Aviva and helping with their really RAD events. We're also very arts and crafty around here. We use drills a lot. But also feathers and balloons!

  • Ah, long ago my husband had an internship at a Manhattan art museum when he was in graduate school, so I remember what it is like to live there in the summer and take the train in from Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn every day (and walk back there when the power went out over the city) and stand cheek to jowl with strangers in the steaming dark of the subway. When it stormed the city sounded like God's bowling alley. And I've never been so perpetually sweaty. And then, later, learn what ice on the sidewalk is like! We're in Los Angeles where thunderstorms are a huge treat.
    I know a couple of college students here who went to Middlebury last October to check out Quidditch. I helped our team here make some simple capes for a tournament. They may show up there this fall!
    I've spent many summer afternoons on an elementary school playground glueing, glittering, painting, beading, crocheting, making lanyards, gardening, launching water balloons, decorating bikes for a parade, etc. with a friend and a bunch of kids. Our weeks had themes. I love that sort of kaffeklatcsh thing. The yang to your yin. Sounds like a great internship!

  • what a blessing
    to work in such
    a creative environment!

  • This looks like so much fun! I have a crafty business of my own,, but interning there looks like it is wonderful! And I can't help but love how everything is color coded and perfectly organized! :)

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