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Behind the Scenes : more necklaces

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For our August issue of Martha Stewart Living, I developed a story how to make simple necklaces. It was a lot of fun to come up with all those ideas and I've since been making more.


It all started with Laura's wedding, for which I had nothing appropriate to wear and decided a fancy necklace might update my wardrobe just enough. In the story you can see that this necklace has more than one life. And it really is so simple to make.


Then I dyed some plain wood beads in various sizes ... and since I loved the wood beads even undyed, I played around some more and came up with what our editors called the 'bib necklace'. I've made another one with bone beads for my mom and this one with larger beads for myself. Looks quite a bit different, but is the same simple technique, which you can see in the magazine.


Wood beads are so satisfying, since they are really cheap, natural, easy to work with .... try them with this technique, shown on The Martha Stewart Show a while back. I made a longer version as well as a knitted version, which I created for our profile story.


I also have some pretty ones others have made. I am for example the proud owner of my custom long Jodi necklace, she gave to me for the craft department's last 'secret santa'. You can buy similar ones here.


And I couldn't resist buying this one, which is made out of resin, designed by Tina Frey and available here in many beautiful colors (maybe I need another one, after seeing my 'non color' inventory above).

I'm curious to see what necklaces you've made ...

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  • I need to know if you made the necklace you're wearing in the photo of you and your boys in MS Living magazine - and can you share the pattern?

  • I just started making my own necklaces, too, and selling them at my etsy shop! ( I've always been a knitter, but I tend to get bogged down in projects that take forever to complete. I've found that jewelry-making is so satisfying because you can make things quickly and take simple items to create absolutely beautiful items! I looooooove the gigantic gray necklace that you made. I've been working on statement necklaces like that, on a slightly smaller scale. So cool!

  • Love the story and these necklaces, way to go Silke.

  • I have been waiting for Living to do a story on beading. I just got my August issue today and I love the necklace designs. They are young, trendy and quite unique.

  • Oh I also love such big and statement necklaces! A few years ago those big fabric balls came up at a D&G collection and back then my mom and I developped a way to make them ourselves:

    With many regards from Germany!
    Yours, Theresa

  • Just have a quick question, i have plenty of costume jewelry that were gold coloured but due to time and wear, they've now turned dark bronzed colour, i want to restore them to their golden days. is it safe to paint them with gold paint? i've searched everywhere but cant find good tips on how to paint them and what type of paint to use.

  • I've got a question about protecting the finish on the dyed wooden beads. What is the best way to polyeurethane the beads? How do you support them while they dry? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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