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Our Library : Pattern Design

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More from our library... This book, Twentieth Century Pattern Design is a great resource. I bought it when it was first published, and recently realized that it was my inroduction to a lot of design I'd never seen before. Lesley's Jackson's writing is really fascinating.


The page above is from the section on Scandinavian designers, and I think it's where I first saw the work of Gocken Jobs, which I love so much. You can see more of her work here. Also shown above is a Josef Frank print, which is more well known but still amazes me. Just Scandinavian, a store in new York, carries many of his designs, its really worth seeing them in person if you can, the color is so exciting. I was newly inspired by them again seeing them here.

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  • This is a delightful blog entry. I look forward to learning much more, and appreciate the sources mentioned for us to ponder.

  • Hi Athena,
    I've not long ago discovered The Craft Dept blog. What a wealth of inspiration!
    Please dont think me rude but I just wanted to show you my work. I think it's in keeping with the many wonderful crafts you cover here.
    Keep up the great work!
    Julene x

  • This is one of my favorite reference books. I design fabrics, papers and other things which require an understanding of how to make repeats. It's wonderful how much you can learn by studying classics like this! Fun to see how many others enjoy this terrific book! Sharyn Sowell,

  • I am excited to see someone interested in Scan,I am into their furniture. How did you become involved in scan design? Have you ever come across floor cloth in scan designs?

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