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TV Crafts : PS 20

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In mid-May we wrapped things up for Season 4 at TV, and the show went into summer repeats. On the first week of our hiatus my mother planned a visit to NYC when spring was at its best. Since she's an artist we opted to spend most of our time going to galleries and museums, such as MOMA and Dia:Beacon. (The latter I highly recommend.)

Of course, it would have been exhausting to go to museums the entire week. Fortunately, my cousin Ronnie invited us to teach an art project to her students one day. Ronnie teaches at Public School 20, right in the heart of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It's the same neighborhood I've lived in for the past 15 years. At first my mom and I were unsure of what to demonstrate, but if there's one thing I've learned working for Martha, it's that you can pretty much glitter anything. We started off with a brief Q&A. I then explained the project to the students, which was simply brushing glue onto artificial leaves and butterflies, glittering, then mounting them on cardstock. The three of us (Ronnie, my mom, and I) went around helping where needed. I had a chuckle conducting pop-quizzes to dispense the handful of extra butterflies. We all resisted over-directing the students, but rather encouraged them to freely express their ideas. This resulted with an impressive array of different styles.

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Jose Morales

Ronnie explained to me that because of cut-backs in the public schools, art is only taught a total of two hours every month. That kind of crushed me. I doubt I'd be the same person without making potholders or bean art in grammar school. She asked me if I'd want to come back again in the fall and of course I said ¨yes.¨ I don't know what I have planned yet, but you´ll be sure to hear about it.

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