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Make It : Summer Crafts

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What better way to celebrate summer than a pool party??  My friend Brooke had a pool-side birthday celebration yesterday, complete with lawn games, diving competitions, and barbecuing.  This had me feeling nostalgic for the summer days of my youth, and my gift was inspired by camp crafts of years past.  

Brooke in Birthday Glasses 

The Birthday Girl!

Sequined Glasses

I embellished some funny glasses I had using sequins and craft glue- they made for some fun photos and helped protect against UV rays!

Dinosaur Glasses

Attach some dinosaurs with a hot glue gun and you've got quite a pair of party glasses.

M.A.C. crafty summer windows

I'm not the only one with summer crafts on the mind.  These M.A.C. store windows exhibit one of the ultimate camp crafts- the God's Eye.

M.A.C. God's Eye 2

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  • Why was there a contest for a new blog masthead when we're still looking at the old (and I must say, boring) one? Both of the winning designs are far superior to what is being shown now.

  • ...summer crafts are my favourite. lots of fun and so simple. thanks for the great ideas!!

  • OMG! The god's-eye. Makes up quick, and then what? Makes me think of the Boston grandmother's reaction to that popsicle stick/wire coat hanger birdcage in the original Parent Trap movie.

  • Ah, summer fun. Remembering back to my youth, what about carnivals? My 9 year old son Gus wanted to go to the fair, but we were unable. So, we then decided to put on our own fair with games we invented based on carnival games he had played in the past. With neighbors and friends over, we all had a great time and then watched a movie outside in our backyard afterwards.

  • I like this project but I have a question. I was ask to do a craft class for our women's camp retreat and i need ideas. our theme is diven inturruption and i don't know what can be done with this topic. one year we did a mini scrapbook and jewerly box but i don't know what to do with this theme. Help Please!

  • Hi, thanks for your ideas. right now i am needing something for decorate a clothes store, something for summer and i would like to know if you or someone in here can give me some good ideas. i will appreciate your help.


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