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On The Web : Categorically Speaking

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As you know, we've been working on some updates here - some of which you'll see, and some of which may go unnoticed.  One thing I wanted to be sure to point out are our new category listings. We realize that our readers are all looking for something a little different (though we have learned you almost all want more projects!) and we want to make sure that you can all find what you're looking for here. We hope that our new category system will help you navigate through the blog for just the type of posts you want to see. 



Around Town:  This is where we'll post about events going on around the city & around the country. It could be a fundraising event in Manhattan, a super-size flea market in Massachusetts, or an art sale online. If you have a craft fair or event you'd like us to consider for this section of the blog, please email us at

Behind the Scenes: We know you like to see all the work that goes into the projects that appear in the magazine - scouting shots, prep work, and just us getting silly on shoots. You can find it all here.

Contests & Prizes: We hope to continue to bring you contests & giveaways - and will be sure to congratulate winners here!


Inspiration Board: One of the things we are most excited about sharing with you on this blog is the inspiration that we collect in order to build the stories that you see in the magazine. This can come in strange form - the color of a vegetable, a vintage paper clip box, or a traditional craft. We hope the the items we share here will inspire you as well!

Make It: This is where we'll post projects and how-to's. We know this is content that you are all excited about, and we are also excited to watch this section grow!

Meet: We are inspired everyday by the amazing work of other artists & crafters. We will introduce you to these creators & their work here. Some of them you may know already, and some will be new. We hope all will be inspiring!

On The Web: There is so much great stuff happening on the Martha Stewart Website we don't want you to miss. We will keep you updated with links and info here.


Open Studio: Look here for any posts about our Chelsea studio, our work spaces at home and the studios of other artists. Big or small, cramped or tidy, we know it is always interesting to see how & where others work. 

Our Library: Books are another great source of inspiration for us. Over the years, the department has amassed an impressive collection of books on every craft topic you can think of. We are excited to share these with you!

Our Sources: Living in New York, we have some of the most unique and diverse shops available at our doorstep. In addition, working at Martha Stewart has filled our rolodexes with the best sources for anything from clear plastic bags to blown quail eggs. We'll let you in on our trade secrets here!


Celebrate: As I'm sure you've learned - we love an excuse to have a party here, and usually can't let one go by without an artfully displayed desert or a punched paper decoration. You can celebrate with us here. 

Tools & Materials: A bad worker may blame his tools, but everyone knows that the right tool for the job can make any work better. We'd like to share some of our favorites with you!

TV Crafts: A behind the scenes look at what goes on with the crafters at the tv studio.

Comments (7)

  • Looking forward to the, "make it" section!

  • Hooray for all good changes! I love the sound of the new and upcoming sections from libraries to special events ... keep up the great work!

  • Fantastic! The changes are very promising... I can't wait for many of these categories to arrive!

  • Hi Craft dept!
    Hope you all had a great summer holiday.
    I am back to Kuwait from Mount Lebanon and Europe, it was a wonderful summer.
    Looking forward to seeing beautiful creative posts and lovely ideas.
    Good luck to all
    Rowaida Flayhan

  • Hi Craft dept!
    Would you please tell us where you buy as well as the name of the plastic bins you store your craft supplies in? These have been featured on the Tv show many times but i couldn´t find a link or reference to them.

  • Hi Everyone!
    Yes oh those bins they seem great for storage! I also would love to know where you buy them.

  • the categories are terrific and will make it so much easier. Thanks for investing so much time in the blog!

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