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On The Web : Celebrating 6 Months!

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Believe it or not, we are coming up on the 6 month anniversary of the crafts dept. blog! We've had such a great time sharing our inspiration, giving you a look at what goes on behind the scenes at the magazine, and - most of all - being able to chat directly with you, our reader! Thank you so much for all your comments & support. It's always great to hear from you!

Now we want to know, how can we make the next 6 months (and beyond) even better?? Over the past few weeks we've been working behind the scenes on some updates for the blog - hopefully bringing bigger pictures, easier searches and even more fun projects. But, before we make anything final, we want to know what you think. What would you like to see more of? Less of? What makes the crafts dept. a fun place to visit for you?

It's important to us to make sure that visiting the crafts dept. is fun, inspirational, and informative. Please - leave a comment & let us know how we're doing!!

Comments (23)

  • I've been really dissapointed since subscribing to the blog. I would like to see more CRAFTS please!

  • I love to behind the scenes at Martha Stewart!

  • Keep up the good work! I love seeing fun projects demonstrated on here!

  • I'd love to see more tutorials!

  • More crafts would be fabulous! And I love the behidn the scenes, especially seeing how you keep SO MANY craft supplies organized.

  • I enjoy seeing behind the scenes stuff, however, I would like to see more crafts too! Also, I would love to see contests featuring the use of the Martha Stewart craft lines and more scrapbooking type projects using the Martha craft products! =) Thanks for all the great posts!

  • I adore seeing your private craftiness and projects, but don't need to see this turned into one big Etsy advertisement. I'm also not too keen on all your fancy vacations, since I'm just a WAHM looking for projects to feed my soul and keep the kiddos busy. Let you hair down a bit and show us the results of a latenight craft slam before a deadline! We all love to see the things that *almost* worked out but didn't quite make it. And tell us why.

    For heaven's sake, we need input, too!

  • I love it all, but I REALLY love tutorials.

  • I would really like to see more step by step projects- especially for things around the home. For technical aspects of the blog, I would love it if I could view the slideshows without reloading the whole page for each new picture (for example, how Kevin Sharkey's new blog does slideshows). Thanks and keep it up!

  • I think it would be helpful if you could use Lightbox (or something similar) to showcase photos - I dislike that a page reload is necessary to view each photo. Lightbox is a simple way to overlay images on top of the current page -- and it works in most current browsers.

  • I also love the behind the scenes peeks and would like to see more of them.
    I'd also love to see more crafts created with the Martha Stewart line, especially paper crafts. How about a "glitter week" where you show all the things that can be done with the wonderful MS glitter that is so popular? I really liked the recent post that showed the versatility of the new Punch Around the Page system. Also, as the holidays approach, focus on MSC's holiday offerings and on seasonal projects.
    The crafts section is the main reason I subscribe to MSL and it'd be wonderful to get even more of the same great content here on your website. MS always has the most creative craft ideas, from the most basic supplies. Also, maybe on the day the new issue of MSL comes out, have a blog post with links to all the downloadable clip art from the magazine - I always mean to look up the clip art but forget to, so that would be a great reminder to get it.
    And as long as we're making wishes, it'd be wonderful if the online MS crafts site carried the most comprehensive selection of MS products, but it seems to have less than many other online retailers.

  • I would like to see you host challenges (not every week, but often) on this blog (paper crafting or other crafts). Have people upload a link to their blog which shows their project. Have random drawings for MS goodies or "best of" lists for the particular challenge.

    We paper crafters LOVE MS products. Your butterfly paper punches and border punches are a hit!

  • I really enjoy the behind the scenes of the craft blog but I also would enjoy more hands on projects (step by step) of any type whether its scrapbooking, card making, or even more adventurous crafts. Pictures are the key to any great blog...just like keep them coming!

  • I know that different things appeal to different folks. Having said that, I generally skip over the posts like the recent ones on 'woolies' & farmer's market. We are a 'doer' crowd and appreciate the actual crafts. My favorites over the past 6 months include the pop-up card and various posts highlighting how we can use some of the MS tools. Thanks for inspiring us and keep on keepin' on!

  • I'm a librarian, crafter, beekeeper, Virgo-- only 4 reasons to want a a book containing all of the templates Martha has loved to share over the years-- all of her favorites.
    Can't you just imagine it? A true reference book for the ages (after the copyright expires and they are Still brilliant).
    Reference books are forever! (They come with free CDs in the back, but eventually you just throw these away, because "What's a CD?)"
    Templates, compendium of. (A true encyclopedia-- a good thing).
    Will help for glitter.

    The blog is perfect-- you're a celebrity now so people will criticize, but just be very true to yourself, and blog your way, as long and as far as your heart your boss and and God allow.

  • Please show us more of what inspires you to create - I love to see an "inspiration photo" side by side with an "after photo" of the finished project. Also, I love all the party photos that incorporate crafty decorations! A beautifully decorated table and room just makes me whole day.

  • more..glitter
    t-shirt makeovers
    love it all!

  • More crafts with tutorials, less fancy vacations and history lessons. I also find it hard to find who wins the giveaways you've featured in the blog.

  • Dear Crafts department, as long time overseas reader of the magazine (I now have issues as far back as 94) I have come to appreciate what a group effort Martha world is! I love your blog because I get a great feel for all the different personalities behind the projects. There have been lots of great suggestions already (we all love a weekly challenge where we can link back to our own blogs in the comments)but it seems like alot of work for you guys to put a project up every week - maybe you could choose one from the show or one of this years magazines? And I'd agree about the over reliance on Etsy as a source. Keep up the fantastic work, we love you guys!

  • I enjoy visiting your craft blog and I believe you've done an excellent job in your first six months!

    I enjoy the 'behind the scenes' posts.. I'd love to see more.. how products are chosen, packaging is designed, etc.

    I'd also love to see more links/usage of the crafts You Tube channel for project how-to. In reading one of the other comments here, I'd love to see a CD of all the templates, check lists, and planners that have been featured here on the site.

    On the sidebar of your blog, it would be great to link to the zillion or so templates that are available for seasonal projects and other craft projects.

    MS-Crafts has so much to offer. Show us new ways to use the tools, punches, glitter, and more!

  • I agree with many commenters: We want tutorials/instructions! I love all the ideas and inspiration you provide, but I love learning new skills too. Maybe you could dedicate one day to a new project with step-by-step instruction, pictures, video of the process, etc.

    Also, I am a crafter on a a tight, tight budget. Provide tips on making a craft more affordable or using non-specialized tools (things I can find around the house).

  • I like your stories about where you get your inspiration from. Such as vintage fabric, artist paintings and craft fairs. Your are doing a great job showing us interesting things on your blog.

  • I must be in the minority because I think that the balance of crafts, inspiration posts, and behind-the-scenes tales is perfect! I find that the searchable database of crafts on the website is sufficient enough for me to find any type of craft I might want to do, and wonder if the purpose of the blog is really to serve as a "how-to" resource. Guess I saw it more as a compliment to the existing resources on the website...a way for us to see how the deparment "ticks." Also, I might be biased since I am an Etsy seller (and buyer), but I think it's fantastic that you focus on independent merchants through Etsy. I don't think it's excessive considering that you also focus alot of posts (understandably!) on the Martha craft supplies that can be found in many big craft stores, and at Walmart. I wish more people could see the importance of supporting small business! Anyway, I think you are all doing a fabulous job and I look forward to stealing a few moments each morning to get lost in whatever your latest post is about. My only request would be more of Corinne's inspiration posts...I LOVE them!

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