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Make It : Covering Books

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I've recently become somewhat obsessed with the idea below - which comes courtesy of our ingenius collecting editor Quy Nguyen. He has lots of beautiful and special books, and he covers them all in semi-transparent vellum. Its so nice because you can still read the text on the covers and spines of the books, but the vellum softens the colors and creates a very elegant effect on a shelf. It's kind of perfect, because theres no functionality lost, the books are protected, and it look really beautiful in any room. He covered his Agnes Martin book with gridded vellum just because he's so clever...



Above left is a book covered in brown vellum, another option. I adapted his technique to cover many of my treasured crumbling paperbacks- adding 2 horizontal folds to the vellum to make sleeves for the fragile covers. Its so nice because books like my dad's 25 cent Nine Stories and my childhood copy of Pippi Longstocking are protected like fancy rare books, and feel somehow recognized as the very special artifacts they are. I display them facing out on my shelves at home. Its also a good option if you have books you like just as they are, as many of us do, because you can shelve covered and uncovered books together... anyway, I love it. Thanks Quy!


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  • I like this. Where do you buy larger sheets of vellum?

  • I love this idea especially for paperbacks!

  • What an AWESOME IDEA!!!

  • This is a very useful idea for older books with special value or meaning. Very classy.

    Let me share what I do with my brand new paperbacks in case it will be of any use to your readers. I cover any and all paperbacks with clear contact paper (also known as shelf liner paper). It is economical, practical and easy to use because of the grid provided on the paper. It gives my paperbacks a much longer shelf life and makes any spills on the cover easy to wipe up with no damage.

  • Love this!! Covering all my brightly colored chic lit with vellum will instantly make my library look 20 IQ points smarter! :)

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