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Inspiration Board : Friendly Farmer

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I spent last weekend in Vermont and was totally taken with the abundance of farmers markets and roadside produce kiosks. We have a few great markets here in the city, but I rarely have time to go, so it was a real treat to have the time to ogle the veggies.


This was the first thing that got me. Maybe it's my city roots, but I never knew swiss chard came in such amazing colors. 


I loved the way these guys just set up right out of the back of their truck. It seemed to work - this was a rare moment of calm for the busy sellers. 




These fruits were at a stand set up at an off-the-highway rest stop of all places. Get your gas, get your fast food, get your amazing fresh produce - Thank you, Vermont!

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  • Ah! Rhubarb! Let's make a pie!

  • Wow, that Chard is beautiful! Unfortunately we lack a good farmer's market in our town. I envy that you spent an amazing time googling over all the yummy, yummy produce.

  • Are those beautiful pie cherries in the first fruit picture? They tend to be hard to find and I spotted some at a farm stand near me when I went to pick peaches for canning! I snatched some up and holed up with my Mother-in-law in her kitchen and we baked some of the best cherry pies I've ever had! The key is to use real lard in the crust...I swear!

    Definitely a good find!

  • Wonderful photos. Did everything taste as good as it looks?

  • so glad you could enjoy some of Vermont's finest! the corn is amazing right now, such a gift.
    - Dummerston VT

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