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Contests & Prizes : Punch Around the Page Giveaway (contest expired)

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Over the next few months, we'll be giving away craft products every couple of weeks. You read about our new Punch Around the Page corner and edge punch set last Friday. Here's your chance to win your own! Leave a comment describing how you'll use your new punches in 50 words or less, along with a valid e-mail address by 6 PM Friday. We'll choose one commenter at random to win these wildly adorable loop punches. See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

Need a little more inspiration? Check out these photo mats Athena made...


and this lovely photo card with coordinating envelope...


Comments (277)

  • I went looking for these at my Michaels after I read your post last week! (and they didn't have any) I would use the punch corner for so many crafts. I think these would even be fun for kids to help make their own placemats (and then laminate them).

  • My 6 year old loves making cards so we'll use them to decorate her creations!

  • I think these punches are wonderful. I would give my custom invitations and stationery a little extra oomph with these bad boys! I can't wait to get some so I can come up with different designs.

  • I would use this punch to make cool coasters for parties!

  • Wedding invitations! This punch will add such a beautiful unique twist to some designs I'm working on

  • I love the look of the frames - great idea!

  • I love to make books and would definitely use these fabulous punches to embellish books.


  • These are perfect for cards, scrapbook layouts, and bookmarks. I'd also like to try using them directly on photos, giving them a decorative cropped edge.

  • I cant wait to go to Michaels and pick these up! I would use these to make a more intricately decorated paper chain garland for a party.

  • Christmas cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, Valentines Day cards (I'm kind of a stationery junkie - can you tell?)

  • Ever since I saw the initial post about these, I've been thinking how much fun it would be to use them on cardstock and then embroider through the holes. :)

  • I want one of those punch sets really bad! They don't have them at my Michael's yet... Would love to use it on invitations/supplies for my friend's baby shower...

  • I am currently planning a laid back Bachelorette Pool Party. It's going to have a vintage/underwear/black and white theme. Since we not going anywhere, I am pumping up the volume with decorations. Lots of garland, poms and ribbon!

    These punches will be a great way for me to add a little extra touch to all the paper decorations for the party!

  • Oh my goodness! I'm giddy with the nearly limitless potential for these tools! I'm thinking, gift tags for Christmas packages. I love the photo mat idea, too, and would almost certainly do that. I'd love to make my own simple paper doily to line a tea tray.

  • This punch is brilliant! I would like to try it on photos.Also journaling blocks for scrapbook pages.

  • I'd use these punches for making cards. They would be fun to use to make a little rug on the front of a card. They remind me of tassels!

  • I love it! I print my own business cards, and this would send them over the top!

  • Although I can already think of many uses for this punch... I would really like to try it on my scrapbook pages and greeting cards!

  • I received a Gocco printer for my birthday and would love to use these punches to embellish my own Gocco card creations!

  • I would use it for card making and invitations!!! Possibly my business cards and merchandise tags. Wooo! Fingers, eyes, arms, legs and toes crossed!!!

  • I will use them to spice up my resume (kidding... maybe?) These would motivate me to keep up with my letter writing to friends in far places.

  • I write a Christmas poem each year and send to family and friends with our updates for the year....these punches would add a great unique touch this year!

  • I wonder if I can give my business cards a little flair with these? Or I'll use it on my homemade stationery.

  • I am getting married in a month! These punches would be great for my place cards or programs! I look forward to trying it out on my stationery, too!

  • I am making a photo album from a recent vacation and I think this would be so perfect for it!

  • I would use it to continue my goal to use my creativity to share love with others. This would be a great tool to embellish envelopes and cards that I send in the mail. I believe that to recieve a personal note in the mail can bring joy to a friend, family member, and even stranger.

  • Hi Crafts Department :)

    I am absolutely in love with this new edge puncher after seeing it in a commercial. I plan to use these as my thank you cards for after my bridal shower. I am very DIY kind of bride and think this would be great to use on my thank you cards.

    Have a great day,

  • I am doing DIY save teh date cards, invites, luggage tags, and information packets for my destination wedding. These punches would be fantastic to add some pizzaz to them!

  • I've been experimenting with different business card designs and these punches would be perfect for them! And since I am a photographer, matted photos like those in the picture would be such nice gifts (:

  • I am making a photo album from a recent family vacation and these would be perfect. Also, I have just designed new recipe cards and I think that would be really cute.

  • Wow! These punches are FaBuLoUs!!! I have several pictures of my girls I need to develop and I would LOVE to use these punches to create custom mattes for the photos.

  • This is such a versatile tool - making cards, scrapbooking, Christmas ornaments. The list goes on. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I could find a million uses for these cute punches in my cardmaking. They would also be great for creating little doilies to set on a table for a baby or bridal shower. Love them!

  • I'd use these for homemade stationary. So beautiful!

  • Lately I want to make postcards to send to my friends on a monthly basis. I'd like to do something tangible and physical instead of technological. How nice would it be for them to receive handmade postcards in their mail boxes? Does anything beat pretty snail mail? The punches would add some depth to my project.

  • I recently began scrapbooking all of my husband’s old baby pictures & keepsakes which unfortunately not given the love and care they deserved, so I would use the punches to create elegant but “man-friendly” photo frames and backgrounds.

  • Since we were little girls, my sister and I have loved to make homemade Valentine's. These punches would be perfect!

  • I love these! I would use them to decorate cards, invitations, and all manor of correspondance. I would also use them to spruce up one of my signature crafts--mini accordian scrapbooks.

  • I would love to use them to make more personalized postcards to send to my far away family.

  • I think these would be really fun to use on a paper flag garland (triangles on a string). I know I would also use them for cardmaking.

  • I would use this punch for labels and cards.

  • I've started my own jewelry business recently and have done several craft shows. I would love to use the punches to make signs for my items and also as gift tags. I'm always looking for ways to catch the attention of potential customers :)

  • I've never tried out a paper punch before, so I don't know quite yet what I'd do with them, but I'd love to see that pattern in white set against a colored stock for a card, so I'd probably start there.

  • i would use these punches when i made cards, maybe every single card--give my double scallop punch a break! ;)

  • I can think of two thing I would 'punch' immediately: Bookplates and Hang Tags. We have a collection of books that we enjoy loaning out, and are working on bookplates for each. I also have a small etsy store, and these punches would really make for some jaunty little tags!

  • WOW. these look REALLY fun!! I think I would use these to make some wall art, cards and invitations!

  • I would use the Around the Page punch for card-making and scrapbooking. How neat!

  • I'd love these to make some really cute labels for my spice and dry goods in my kitchen!

  • I'm 38 weeks pregnant, so I'd have to say birth annoucements.

  • I will use the punches to make coasters for my upcoming magical summer cocktail party!

  • Scrapbooking!

  • I want to punch around my business cards, I think that would be so cute!

  • those punches are perfect for scrapbook pages. They would make beautiful photo mats, corners, and backgrounds for my son's baby album!!!

  • I would use my new Martha Stewart Craft Punch to make beautiful and masculine picture frames for the young men of QMT Etiquette, an organization I volunteer with. Making framed pictures, taken of the young men during Etiquette training classes and on field trips to restaurants and cultural places, into momentos.

  • How cute would this be to embellish recipe cards especially when passing out holiday goodies! I was hoping you'd post a give a way after I saw this last week!

  • I've recently made a 'recessionista' decision to no longer buy greeting cards and make my own creations for family and friends -- this corner punch would be the perfect thing to add a personalized touch to my cards!

  • I love these! I would use them to make birth announcements for my daughter (due in just over five weeks!) as well as utilize them for scrapbooking. So much fun! Thanks for the idea and the opportunity to win.

  • i would love to use this punch on my scrap pages and cards. i also see a great use for trimming heart shapes for valentine's day crafts!

  • I think it would be cute to punch around the edges of a block print before framing.

  • I would use them to make tags for my hand knit baby items. Too cute!

  • I love the photo mat idea. I've just moved into a new apartment and I'm about to hang my pictures, so it would be great to refresh them with the punches!

  • I'd use it to make my Christmas cards - no wait - more like my Happy New Year cards since I'm never on time w/ Christmas cards!

  • These are great! I would use on cards, tags, paper for collage, around a piece of art. Endless ideas..

  • I'd use the punches to make tags for when I give gifts of my handknit goodies. So pretty!

  • I've recently started the daunting task of archiving all of my parents photos into scrapbooks - a dozen big boxes, in no order whatsoever. This punch could be used so many ways to embellish the many many pages ahead of me.

  • I'd use the punch to create invitations for a BBQ that we're planning for my birthday next month! The punch details would add the perfect amount of whimsy for a late summer outdoor bbq!

  • I would love to use these for our wedding thank-you cards and our new address/"we've moved cards!

  • I'd use them for making cards and scrapbook pages. Pick me, please!

  • I am planning to make my fiance a scrapbook of our relationship to give as a wedding gift and would love to use these to make my photo borders more interesting!

  • I read about these punches on your blog and ran to Michaels and bought the LAST ONE in stock. (Yay!) But my mom was super disappointed (she wanted one too...and although I offered to share, she wanted her own!) I'm entering for my mom! Pick her! =)

  • Due to the economy, money is in short supply; the punch would embellish the matting for photos that will serve as Holiday photo ornaments and gifts

  • I would like to use this punch to make wedding invitations, for my bestfriend. I would also make some bookmarks and some envelope wrap. I think candle shade will be cute too. If I win this punch I'll change my house decoration :)

  • Oh this punch is lovely! I could see myself making lots of beautiful things with this. invites and scrapbook layouts for sure

  • I would use them to make when I make cards, probably to mount a Hello Kitty on!

  • id use the punches to make cards, stationery, invites and anything else i can come up with!

  • I have a stack of postcards that weren't quite great enough to display as-is. I'd love to use the punch to give them a more decorative feel.

  • I probably use this neat tool to create interesting garlands--wallpaper style--to cover the bland white walls of the guest bathroom. I think I will force my guy roommate to get involved, as well. With this tool, I don't think he'll mind getting his aggression out and making something beautiful at the same time (;

  • I love these! I'm Maid-of-Honoring for my friend Jill and would love to have them for DIY-ing cards for the bridesmaids, invites to the shower, and other pretty things!

  • I would use this to make christmas ornaments with my daughter.

  • I would use these punches to make the yearly cards my mother and I make. We live 3000 miles apart, but we still each make cards and then trade them through the mail.

  • i would punch the edges of colored paper napkins and use them at a baby shower!

  • Oh to count the ways to use such a cool product -- gift tags, envies, holiday gifts. Please pick me!!!!! :)

  • I am so glad that you thought of this kind of punch set! I plan to use the punches to create a version of this picture frame card from Martha Stewart Crafts TV show.

    It will look so nice around the edge.

  • These are great for so many paper crafting projects: card making, stationary, scrapbooking, home décor & more. I made a rhyme about these lovelies below!

    Lovely loops delight
    Anytime, day or night

    When using these loops,
    You’ll never make an oops!

    Classic, elegant, divine
    I wish these loops were mine!

  • Oh I would go crazy with these. First I would punch edges on my vintage fashion pictures I blew up into posters that I have in my office/craft haven.

  • I would use the punch to make ornamental cuffs for all my friends at the Palms Hospice Care Center in Palm Bay, Florida where my mother is. They always love anything new that is made just for them and these would be fun to make out of heavy stock and dress them up for dinner time. Thank you for the idea.

  • I will make a beautiful love note for my wife.

  • I'd probably use it for just about everything! I have several martha punches that I use in all sorts of ways.

  • I went looking for them at Michael's this weekend. I wanted to punch some custom business cards and make some fun confetti to put in gifts and cards. They are really cool!

  • I am unable to find them anywhere locally at this time, but I can hardley wait to get them. I will use the border and make "paper lace" for cards. The corner I will use for scrapbooking - holding photos and even on the story part. Do hope my Michael's gets them in soon.

  • I'm starting to think about Christmas...would like to incorporate the punch into my Christmas cards and tags for the food/sewing/papercrafting projects that I'm giving as gifts.

  • Oh I would love to do a dessert/candy table with these punches. I am think cake stands, cupcake wrappers, signage, and banner. I can't wait to get my hands on a set :)

  • The possibilities are endless. First up would be signs for my friend's wedding that I have been commissioned to make. These would make them so polished!

  • If I had this punch I would be tempted to do some guerrilla punching around town, adding pizazz to every lost pet poster I see...

  • I would use them on cloth (stiffened first) to make doilies for framing little mini quilts...or to make matting for photos as your example shows. there are so many things you can do with those--what a great idea! can't wait to see them in person.

  • I think they might be great on canvas rugs, placemats, runners etc. To many ideas to put down.

  • as borders and mats on scrapbook pages - i adore what you did with the envelope!

  • cool! well i think that looks just like a tatted edge,would be cool to try it on the parchment cards i'm learning to do.Plus my crafting stuff is used by my daycare kids:)

  • I love the punches! I make invitations and cards for my friends and family and I would absolutely use them for that - but what I really want them for is Christmas Tags. I have an adorable rubber stamp tag that would be so cute bordered by one of these designs!

  • Endless possibilities for scrapbooking. I also think my 3-year-old would love these. He's crazy for Martha's dump truck and spider punches already!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these! I'm a book maker so I'd use these punches to add some nice decorative edges to the pages of my books and journals. I'd use them to create embellishments for the covers too. I think creating frames with these edges for the front of my books would add a really nice touch.

  • I would use these to make some adorable bookmarks!

  • I would use the punch to create our new family newsletter that I am going to start sending four times a year! Just letting family know what is going on with us!

  • I would use it to make custom cards, gift tags, and for my scrapbooking designs.

  • I would use the punch to make fancy photo corners for scrapbooking! Love it!

  • I would use them to frame lovely photo's my boyfriend takes and to inspire myself to write more letters by adorning stationary with lovely edges! I am in love with these punches!

  • I've been waiting for a punch system like this forever! One of my favorite scrapbooking supplies is die cut paper and the possibility to create my own paper with specialty edges is so exciting! I just can't wait for you guys to come out with even more varieties.

  • I will use the punch to craft cheese plate labels glued on my bamboo skewers.

  • Wow - I could use this punch for just about anything! I would probably use it for my wedding on signs, menus, place cards, and on the matting for photos for the guest book.

  • I'd love to use these to punch decorative paper and line shelves with it. The little punched fringe could hang off the edge!

  • I have been a cardmaker for 10 years and this punch is so exciting! I cannot wait to try it on cards and home made gifts, especially with christmas just around the corner. This punch provides lots of elegance and makes homemade projects so eye catching! Thanks for a chance to win!

  • I totally went looking for these but couldn't find it in stores yet. I've been making cards for a few years so I'd use them to customize cards for sure.

  • way cool border for wedding invitations that i'll have to get started on soon!

  • Gift tags, handmade cards, crafts galore!

  • Oh, these are fantastic! I would make tags for gifts - holiday, birthday, weddings, perfect!

  • I'd use these for super awesome baby announcements and shower invites! So cute, without being overly baby-ish. Love it!

  • Super cute! I'd love to use them to create tags for the jewelry I make.

  • I would make lovely trimmings to wrap my gift boxes, the cards and labels. I love having them to match each others. It will be fun...especially around Christmas and also for wedding gifts :)

  • These would be great for so many occasions: invitations, place cards, gift tags, photo albums/scrapbooks, recipe cards, announcements, etc. I would probably use them for my son's birthday invitations coming up.

  • Hi, this product looks great!! I love the curly swirly design. It reminds me of the phone cord I would wind and unwind on my finger while talking to my friends...with this puncher, I would like to make a stencil of a phone + cord…along with other paper crafting!

  • I would love to use these to make handmade cards, and those mats above are so lovely!

  • When I saw these my heart skipped a beat! OMGosh!! I loved the projects you've showed with them.. especially the medallion, which is sooo in right now!! I can think of a Bazillion things I could create using these punches and all I can say is if I win my family better watch out or I may make a project out of them too!

  • I never enter contests, but when I saw this punch a few days ago on this blog, I was IN LOVE. It is absolutely adorable, and I need to own one. My initial thoughts are that I would use it on gift tags and on card making. The opportunities are endless though. I adore the photo mat on this post, so I just might use it for that purpose as well.

  • I adore this punch! I would use it to matt photos, like in this post, in card making, and in gift tags! But I'm sure there are plenty of other things I could dream up!

  • I especially want one to decorate a boring white bookcase. I'm thinking strips of beautiful paper, 'punched' of course and placed along the shelf edges with an overlay of Modge Podge would really add, what shall I say, some 'punch' to the room!

  • I would love this punch! I scrapbook a lot, so definitely would use it with layouts there. I would also use it for creating a wall paper headboard for my daughter's room. I found some wallpaper, but hadn't figured out how to make the edge stand out. This is it!! I can totally picture it in my head! I love this!

  • Oh my goodness,there are so many thing so use these for. Invitations,ornaments,banners,garlands,cards,scrapbooking,tags. I love all the possibilities,perfect for my love of paper.

  • I think these are AMAZING, I would love to use them when I make cards and invitations.

  • Custom invitations, stationary, gift tags, pictures frames, the possibilities are endless! Great giveaway thank you!

  • These are neat! I would use these to make greeting card. I'll have a new grandbaby in March-number 9! I will use these on some Springy baby shower invitations. Sally Hackney

  • My mother would love to find a way to display the locks from my brother and my first haircuts (now 27 + 25 years old!) that she has saved tied with tiny bows.
    This would be a perfect way to fancy-up a paper to place them on and frame.

  • They will be perfect for my scrapbook pages. I think they will look very cute layered and than stitched on top. Great punch set!

  • I would use the punch to make the edges of my many different kinds of fake flowers lacy and elegant looking. I am always looking for a different look for my flowers!

  • I would use the punches to make holiday banners to display on my mantle. By using them on the edges I can then run ribbon along the edges for extra goodness!!

  • I am thinking of a series of vintage style paper hankies that I will embroider with fun, one of a kind designs and then them display as wall art...

  • I am thinking of a series of vintage style paper hankies that I will embroider with fun, one of a kind designs and then them display as wall art…

  • These would make the perfect addition to the Christmas cards I've been thinking about...maybe with a little glitter!

  • Wow,love these punches. Taking our grandchildren to the beach for a week to give Mom and the newest baby a vacation at home. This would be the perfect punch for all the beach pictures. Lovely on cards, gift tags, just about any craft project.

  • labels for my business highland and ponce

  • I'm a teacher, and there are a ton of things I'd love to do with this punch! Spicing up bulletin boards, making cards for kids and parents, tags for my binders and binders full of student information...

  • That is so cute! I have just recently discovered the wonderful world of craft punches!!!

  • this is such a lovely punch! the photo mat idea is fantastic! i would love to use this for the holidays this year- place cards & gift tags. i actually went to my local craft store (michael's) after i read your earlier post, and was so disappointed that i could not find it! ;\ thank you so much for offering it up in this generous giveaway! yay!

  • I would use it for making paper mats to frame my embroidery and cross stitch. I never really know what to do with any of them.

  • I can't wait to use these punches! They are such a great idea. I will use them to make christmas cards and thank you cards

  • I think this loop punch is Uh-Mazing! I am envisioning handmade Christmas cards this year..... Or some fun borders on my business cards...? Oh, so many ideas!

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  • I would use the punch for cards and invitations. I'm sure my 5 year-old daughter would find things to do with it too.

  • how NOT to use it?!

    *projects with my 2 year old hannah bear
    *Christmas garland
    *homemade thank you cards
    *paper doilies for this years holiday party

    .....the list can go on & on & on.. :)

  • I've been making cards lately for my friends and relatives. The cards feature photos that I have taken and printed. I would love to have this punch to make decorative mats for the photos. Thanks for reading.

  • I would use it to make thank you cards for some very special people!!!

  • I would use these delightful tools to continue making handcrafted custom cards for troops who are deployed and their families back home. I would also use them in scrap booking, home crafting/ homeschooling lapbook projects and anything else I could get my hands on! lol

  • I'd love to try this out on shrink plastic!

  • I'd use it to decorate my prints and gocco cards.. they would look so cool!

  • In the NYC summer, I've got to pull my curtains aside to allow the window air conditioner unit to function. I'd use these punches to edge squares of translucent Contact paper and put them up on my window in lieu of a curtain.

  • My granddaughter had her Deb- Ball a few weeks ago and I was given a beautiful picture, which I shall treasure and I was thinking how best to display it.
    These new Punches certainly would be wonderful and different to use for such an occasion !!!

  • I would like to try using it for name tags. I love the look of the one you used on the photos.

  • I love the concept of these punches. My store did not have the loops punches, but I bought the spider web punch and have used it on halloween cards. Using it black on a white background gives an eerie effect! Would love the loops punches and use it to frame pictures for scrapbook pages. Very nice!


  • I would mask off the inner portion of my project, brush on thin glue, then use the ultra-fine glitter to highlight the lace effect. You could also do corner pieces or the side pieces in a different color and glue overt first punched piece for multi-color effect.

  • This punch is so adorable. I would use it for our save the dates and invitations to our wedding!!

  • I love to journal and I would like to embelish my journaling pages with some cute designs.

  • I would use them for new house announcements! I love the way the envelope flap looks with the around the page punch design.

  • I'm envisioning this used on some really cool invites for a party.

  • I would use the punches for both scrapbooking and labeling the containers I hope to put in my re-decorated laundry room.

  • I would use these to dress up my DIY wedding invitations. cute!

  • I would use the lacy loop punch to make shelf edging for my open shelving in the kitchen. It's a very delicate design and reminds me of the tatting my mother use to make.

  • I would use them for all sort of paper crafts: cards, labels, and invitations!

  • I would use this punch with my scout den. We have to make a scrapbook for an achievement and this would definitely enhance the project. This would also give our "Thank You" cards a nice flair. The nursing home folks would love the cards and projects.

  • Cards, gift tags, invitations, card tallys, scrapbooking, and on and on and on.......

  • What a FUN tool to have in my classroom! The use of the Punch Around the Page will be endless with all the creativity my students will have for their cool school projects and during the holidays!
    Thank YOU!!!!

  • I love these! I would use them for cards, placemats, birthday banners, name tags and such. I really am so thrilled about these. Good Work MSC Team!

  • My kids and I love making cards, so we'd put the punches to good use by embellishing our creations with them. Also, the pattern reminds me of the white icing on a Hostess cupcake; I love to use the punches to decorate gift tags on the baked goods I make.

  • I will use the adorable loop design on a greeting card. I think it would make the cutesy hem of a dress or edge of a table cloth.

  • I would love to use this as a stencil for etched glass on baby food jars, filled with earings made by yours truly, and have matching cards to go with for presents. So fun!!!

  • I live in a Northwest Saskatchewan small town - where things like these are not ready available to purchase. If I were to have one of these I would let my students use it to create and express themselves and to make their creations personalized. If I were to have one - I would think that there would be almost no limits as to what my students could create.

  • I am planning my mother's 60th birthday party - I'd use the punch for the invitations, placecards, and favors!

  • I am totally excited about these new craft punches! I do a lot of paper crafting and would use them for scrapbooking, card making, gift tags, Christmas cards, etc. Currently I am trying to revamp some of the pictures around our apartment and the punches would really help to give a fun new update to the matting. My little boy loves playing with paper too and would love punching designs in paper with them.

  • I would love to use these for save-the-date cards and invitations for my upcoming wedding!! Such a cool way to embellish a simple piece of paper!

  • I would like to use the punches on the Christmas Cards that I have saved over the years. The cards have beautiful pictures on them. I would punch around the pictures and make ornaments to hang on my Christmas Tree this year.

  • I design toys, I also love to design the packaging for my toys. I would use the punch for tags, boxes and bags!


  • Oh let me count the ways .. . edges for snowflakes, borders for paper plates and napkins, tags, cards, borders for paper flowers, invitations . . so many many more options

  • This would make very lovely coasters and matching table clothes for an entertaining party!

  • I would use them to make my Christmas cards this year. I've decided to make a batch for my closest relatives and these would be great to possible use.

  • I would first use it to decorate invitations for my mother's 80th birthday party! After that, who knows? Cards for friends, edges of paper plates for parties and office potlucks, and later, invitations to my daughters' college and grad school celebrations!

  • i would use it to make a decorative book!

  • I love this! I can see myself using it to decorate bento box lunches- cutting out fruit leather or nori sheets!

  • WOWZA - I'm such a paper junkie and am starting to really get into making my own tags and cards. What a lovely boost it would be to win here! Thanks for the give-a-way!! Woot!

  • Everything...the possibilities are endless!!!

  • I think the punches would make a nice finished edge on smaller photos. I might also try to repeat the same pattern on card stock, and then put the two together. :)

  • I could think of so many ways I would use these! I am trying to make thank you cards for our wedding, and these would be perfect! I love how you used them to make mats, too. Very fun.

  • These punches remind me of looped ribbons. I would use them to make my Breast Cancer Awareness cards. I donate them or just mail them to someone I love to remind them to get their mammogram! (sorry about the spelling on earlier post!)

  • I would use these punches in a variety of crafty projects: cards, bookbinding, hangtags, christmas ornaments, you name it! Like everything Martha brings us, they look fabulous!

  • There are a ton of stationary uses for the punch. . . my first use would be handmade holiday cards

  • What a great concept. I love using the Fiskars border punches but could never get the corners just right. These definitely solve that problem. As a cardmaker and instructor, these will become a part of my daily used products. I can so see the Seniors I teach just loving them!

  • I would use the punches for stationery making!

  • I love the loop punches - they remind me of knitting. I think I would use them for gift tags, especially for knitted gifts.

  • My son's high school holds a welcome tea for the freshman moms every fall. A current parent sponsors one of several tables set up with their own tea service. The mother's club provides the refreshments. Each table is unique and very festive and generally has a theme. I had planned to make the tea cup candles as favors and would use the punch to create pretty "lacey" place mats, coordinating place cards and coasters for each of the tea cup candles that I would place in the center of the place setting. I think it would be beautiful!

  • I'm staring into my beautiful newborn son's face and imagining the gorgeous birth announcements I could make with your punch to send out. They might almost do him justice.

  • I would use them to decorate tags and cards on the baked goods I plan on giving friends and family at Christmas this year.

  • I would use these to make cards, scrapbook pages, tags for Christmas, photo frames. The possibilities are endless.

  • I am a true craft addict. I keep returning to my love of paper as my main craft. I love MS punches. I would use these punches, for cards, tags, bags, banners, frames, envelopes, doillies,lunch bags, gift wrap, trimmings on gifts and anything else I could get them into!

  • So many ideas are coming to my head..... too many to get my thoughts in order.

    OK I got it! I would absolutely love to use this punch for the cards that I will be making for the scavenger hunt party. Good luck everyone. :D

  • Tags for cookies!

  • I was so relieved to see this set of punches! I was just asked to be the historian for the children's hospital auxilary. I would use the punches to scrapbook all of this year's activities. I love my edge punches, but the corner one is so useful- great idea.

  • I'm planning a bridal shower and these punches would be great to create beautiful tags for the lavender sachets that I am planning to give away to each attendee.

  • I will use my punches on thin strips of gold paper. Then I'll use that as ribbon for wraping Christmas gifts!

  • Oh my, oh my. What won't I use this on. I think anything that is made from paper will HAVE to be punched!!!!! I'll have the prettiest shopping list ever;) LOvE iT. Way To go Martha Stewart.

  • I would love to have these punches to make birthday cards and borders for my scrapbook pages.

  • This punch has many possibilities- cards, ATC, making backgrounds to display my tatting. It would be very useful for a foray into altered books, too.
    I can't wait!

  • I have used the butterfliy punch to make butterflies which I then color with markers. I lamenated them and used them to decorated flip flops to which I have tied and glued wired ribbon. Nancy Crow
    Can send picture.

  • I'd like to use them on the corners of photo mats for a framed black and white display I want to do. I could also use them to make pretty cutouts to glue to hair clips for my nieces, and I could use them for my sister's upcoming baby shower.

  • I would use it on my scrapbook pages,and my handmade Christmas cards! It looks so cool!

  • I'd like to see how that punch would look around a colored gift bag (minus the handles) and use the bag to put favors/toys in it for my daughter's birthday party. of course it would make the handmade invitations.

  • I'd use the punches for all sorts of paper crafts but especially for cards, gift tags and to decorate gift bags!

  • These would be great on my cards and scrapbook pages ... maybe even on some altered wooden birdhouses!

  • This is my favourite design from the NEW Around the Block punches & I'd use it for cards, mini books, tags...probably have to stop me using it on everything!!

  • Since I turn just about any craft into jewelry, I would totally use these punches for that purpose. Turning paper of all sorts into collaged, sealed, or soldered (between glass) pieces of jewelry. Oh how fun, the possibilities!!!

  • I would use this punch to make a new line of bookplates for my Etsy shop!

  • What fabulous punches! I'd definitely use them to embellish my cards and scrapbook pages, but they'd be perfect for birthday invitations, or even notes in my kids' lunches!

  • I LOVE LOVE punches and would use these to put nice touches on a memorybook I'm creating fir my mother to consolidate all our family history.

  • I would love to use the punches for my employee recognition thank you cards and bulletin board.

  • Oh my! These are amazing! Ive tried lots of different edging tools and scissors - I have never seen a tool that creates such an intricate and delicate looking pattern. This would be awesome for cards, invitations, frames, scrapbooking...and 100 other things.

  • I would use the punches for tea party invitations for my girlfriends and their children. We have a theme party every few months. August is a "Little Women in the Garden" party. Wouldn't these make wonderful invitations, picture frames for our photos, napkin edges, table cloth edges, gift bag labels, and coasters!?? They would be a theme in themselves!

  • Will make invitation cards, gift tags, thank you cards, you're special cards and scrapbook embellishments. :-)

  • I love these punches! I would use them with so many of my paper crafts projects! Scrapbooking, cards, gift tags and so much more! :)

  • Even though i can't win because I'm canadian i would use these punches to make paper stencils for silkscreening! How much fun would it be to make patterns with the corners! and then stripes with the edges!

  • My mind is reeling with ideas. I make initial note card sets for the senior center. They will love this punch on the cards and envelopes.

  • Loved the new punch. Punches are my all time favorite crafting tool. Unfortunately we are very limited in our selection here in my hometown. What I have are used in almost all of my projects!!!

  • Hello!
    I love Martha Stevart punc.I love make carts.I have one Martha`s punc and i love it.Greetings from Finland.

  • Now this is SWEET!!!!! imagination is the limit

  • I have an antique princess dresser next to my bed that has a burn spot on the leather top. I have a piece of glass on the top and I can put a piece of pretty fabric, pictures, or unique papers under the glass to hide the blemish. I would use the punch on some floral paper for that spot.

  • Rice parchment for baking with a punched edge sounds like fun; it might toast up nicely with some slow baking of meringues, especially rice paper spiders for a Halloween Pavlova...

    I wonder what would happen if one brushed egg white thinly onto the spider punched edible paper edges and then dusted them with cocoa before baking...

  • Hi I would use this wonderful punch in so many ways, one of which would be to decorate buletin boards at the preschool where I work. I would use this punch to complete some interesting craft projects that I could use both at home and at our monthly family activity nights. I could also decorate jars and decopage them for gifts and for my home.In addition I would love to be able to experiement by cutting wall paper and use it to decorate my walls and other pieces of furniture. Oh the possibilities,

  • I love to decorate my home for the holidays! One of the things that I do to commemorate any holiday is to print out vintage cards and/or posters and mount them to display on my large Mirror above my fireplace or independently frame them! I would use the punches to decorate the colored backing that I would attach the cards/posters to! Would add to the dimension of the cards.

  • the punches i would use on cards and scrapbooking
    they great.

  • I would definitely use these for card making craft parties!!! Everyone would get great use out of them :)

  • My four grandchildren love coming to Grandma's and doing crafts. I am excited for them to see the new punches. They will love using them with my help. We will be making plenty of Halloween pictures, cards and other projects very soon. I can't wait!

  • Id use these in my daughters pictures, when she was born until now, so cute and attractive.

  • I would love to use this crafty hole punch for decorating with my girls. It's a perfect way to celebrate summer!

  • OMG!!! I have been waiting for something new to take my breath away, and for me to say, I don't care what it cost, I have to have it. And guess what these punches are it!!! Fabulously beautiful!!

  • i would make custom tags for everything. for thank you tags for teachers, christmas tags for neighbor gifts and family, but my favorite would be making tags for organizing my stuff at home. thanks for a chance to win.

  • What I would make are Theme Dolls,
    I use the Martha Stewart edge punches to make my doll dresses. When I saw the new punch around the page punches dreams came flooding in about the new theme dolls I could create.

  • I went looking at Michael's today and didn't see one of the new punches. I would use the punches for gift and candy box liners, matching tags,cards, doilies. The list is endless!

  • I've never used punches in my crafts but I can see that the possibilities are infinite. I really like the look of stencils made using punches. I would like to use them to make a mobile for my daughter as well.

  • You've inspired my creative juices! The punch, I would use when making my luggage tags for my "one of a kind" fabric covered luggage. I use multiple fabrics, both torn and cut, so the knife would come in handy for intricate designs and appliques. I have to try these...regardless.

  • as a polymer clay artist I would use the punches like I use so many of Martha's punches, to punch thru thin layers of polymer clay for Christmas Ornaments, jewelry, and much more! You rock!

  • I would punch my way around all crafts, either paper or cloth (experimenting with various fabrics.) I'm really anxious to try punching the edge of a 2 or 3 inch ribbon. Glorious!

  • These are so great! I would use them for photo and title mats, thank you notes, I love the envelope idea, mini albums, I want to try them on the edges of square paper plates.

  • Truly impressive! I have wanted to dabble in Altered Books for quite some time. Your Punch Around the Page tool would motivate me to get started. I am currently organizing a new "wrapping center" in my basement and these would be a nice addtion for perking up wrapped gifts!

  • These will make great edges around sleeves for candle holders/hurricanes. With money tight this year, there will be more tags and cards handmade, these would give them an extra touch.

  • This has to be one of the nicest punches around. I would love to use it to make borders for my scrap pages.

  • Oh my gosh, I'd even punch my fingernails if I thought I could get away with it.

  • I wouls use this punch on albums, cards and kids crafts

  • Thanks Martha, traditionally simple and not to fussy.
    Would be perfect to frame windows during holidays or special occasions.

  • I love this punch set. I just saw the Punch around the Page scallop 3Dot and want it so much.
    I love all your punches Martha they are so cool.

  • I have numerous punches of Martha's already and I love the quality, I saw the corner one of the loops in the store and thought about it, but they did not have the additional one so I waited to see how hard it would be to obtain the additional punch. Being handicapped I don't always get out to get my supplies on a regular basis. I will be using this punch set, if I win to make cards, and also backgrounds in some of my larger pictures at home and then also in different setting as I do my scrap booking. I have a lot of ideas but of course have not implemented them yet, without having the punches to experiment, so we shall see, but they would get used plenty, by me and my assistant granddaughter Kailey, she loves to help her Mom-Mom!!
    Happy Holidays to all!
    Thanks for your time,

  • I would love to have this border punch and corner punch. It is so wonderful. So many possibilities I can see in using this. I doubt I would be the lucky person to be able to win this but I would love to.

  • I would love to have this punch because you can do SO MANY things with it. I would use it for cards/envelopes, even wedding invitations and also for coasters. You have so many good ideas!!!!

  • These fantastic punches would be perfect in creating my own doilies for my collages or for cupcakes/cookies and other baked goodies. They could also brighten up my handmade bookmarks, notepads made from paper scraps, make my photos pop against the punched-out paper, gift tags, and so much more! Thanks in advance! :)

  • I was in Michaels 2 days ago and they had you on the speaker talking about the Punch aroung the page punches. I asked a clerk about them because I was ready to buy but she said they did'nt have them in yet. I have all of your border punches and find them very easy to use and high quality. We scrappers and card makers are always looking for the latest and greatest tools to bring something different to our crafting. I now have 3 granddaughters who are all intersted in crafting and we would have a great time sharing these punches and making memories at the same time.

  • Hi, I would love to win one of these fabulous punches. I would use it to edge cupcake wrappers, make frames for photos on my scrapbook pages, and make beautiful edges on my other papercrafting hybrid projects.

  • Would also love to use these punches, but they are not available anywhere around where I live. I hope to use them in a few cards and mainly for my scrapping pages and for some Halloween projects I have in mind, but need to punches to experiment and work. So just waiting around for how long who knows???

  • OH and by the way, I think your punches are the best and I wish you had a larger scrapping line, as I like your stuff a lot.
    Especially your paper pads.

  • I was fortunate to see a Halloween card made with the web around the page punch and the corner punch...What a "WOW" impression I had when I saw it. Oh, woe, oh, woe is me....the stores who carry the Martha Stewart crafts have cut back on Martha's craft products and I have not even seen these. During the late fall I'm in a 50 and older park where I make little things for folks in the park as encouragements and hopefully add some smiles, what an IMPRESSION these punches would make...

  • Hi Martha,
    I too would love to win your beautiful loops punches. I teach a group of middle school girls who have organized an after school card club. We are making cards to give to our brave military men and women serving here and overseas. What fun we could have using your punches to add some WOW to our cards. Please consider our middle school girls to receive your free punches.


  • Okay, I've looked at Michaels and Walmart for this new around the page punch set. I've just got to have it. Scrapbook pages, cards and a whole multitude of possibilities. I'll keep looking, but Martha, the wait is killing me. Holidays are here and it's time to let those creative juices fly. Help me out here.

    A true crafter,

  • I decorate small treat bags(brown or white lunch bags) with stickers, stamps and paints for my daughter's teams and friends. I would love to use the "Punch Around the Page" and the "Edge Punch" to trim around the top of the bag. What a delicate touch!

  • My mom and I recently started scrapbooking together and I have to tell you, these punches make our mother/daughter time so much more fun because it allows our creativity to bloom together!

  • I have already purchased two of these sets but can't find the one I wanted at first.. the loop punches. I am a cardmaker and will use them on cards, of course. Our Michaels is just now getting them in plus another great idea from Martha. The Stamp & Punch set looks really neat and will be another purchase. Thanks Martha for some great new ideas. We were running out of items to buy on our craft day excursions.

  • I would use these punches on my scrapbooking pages. I am also, room mom for my daughters class & once a month we have a "craft" day, the kids would love to use these for some type of craft. When you get 6 year olds all together - you can't imagine what they might come up with. It is amazing to see their creative minds go to work.

  • Oh I NEED these! I had a chance to play with them at the new Michael's NYC store opening when Martha did her book signing and I am in love. They are perfect for the handmade cards that i make my family and friends for every occassion possible. These punches really are amazing and I would've bought the one featured had it not been sold out (along with all the others!). I want, need, and love them!

  • This would work for so many of My crafts and Girlfriends...It would be fun to bring something they do not have for a change

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you I have been waiting for someone to come up with a way to use punches all the way around your paper. Kudos to you, this now brings cardmaking/scrapbooking to a new level with endless possibilities.

  • I cannot get enough of how adorable these punches are! I can even see my students using them in class to send their projects over the top!

  • I have been scrapping for years and I have not seen a product that I am more excited about. I want these so badly. I love the idea of using them on a 12x12 layout. The Punch Around the Page is awesome. I have not been able to get them at my local Michaels. I really do love all of the Martha Stewart punches of which I have several. They are far better than any punch on the market. I have several border punches which I use all the time, but I really want the Punch Around the Page punches.

  • I think they would make beautiful backgrounds for quilled ornaments and cards. That is what I would use them for.

  • I am making Christmas Ornaments from Christmas Cards. They are beautiful. I can't wait to have more punch around the page sets.

  • I would use the punch around the page product to scrapbook and make seasonal cards for my family and friends. It's a great touch to add to any scrapbook or card.

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