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Contests & Prizes : Screw Punch and Craft Knife Giveaway (contest expired)

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Any crafter probably knows how essential a craft knife is, but I have to admit, I only learned about the wonders of a screw punch when I started working for Martha's Crafts Department. This week we're giving away two serious crafting essentials, a screw punch and a craft knife. Leave a comment describing how you’ll use your new tools in 50 words or less, along with a valid e-mail address by 6 PM Friday. We’ll choose one commenter at random to win these versatile tools. See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.



Take a look at the stencils we made for these throw pillows using a screw punch



Here are a few other projects we've thought of.

screw punched hurricanes

monogrammed cards

ribbon embroidered card

What will you make?

Comments (200)

  • I would use my screw punch to make beautiful cards and patterns. Also, last year I made calendars for my friends and family for Christmas, and I'd use the screw-punch to put neat little holes for hanging.

  • That looks like a neat tool! I can envision christmas cards with the screw punch.

  • i would use these to make intricate lanterns and put tealights inside and line an outdoor walkway with them. great for setting some ambiance!

  • I've been making more and more gifts these days. I've started learning more and more of the possibilities of stationary and this would be so helpful!!

  • These tools are exactly what I need for making my save the dates, wedding invitations, programs, table numbers etc. They will have a polka dotted theme and buying different sized whole punches were on my list of things to get! They would be perfect! maremmers(at)gmail(dot)com

  • I would love to add detail to the busy/quiet books I'm making for Christmas presents for my son and nephews.

  • I've recently fallen in love with making mobiles and garlands. These tools would be perfect for that!

  • I'd make Christmas cards.

  • I'm thinking of making string art halloween coasters. I will use chipboard coasters and cover them with black halloween fabric. I will use the screw punch to make a web,leaving space in the center for a cup. The web will be spun out of DMC satin floss.

  • I've been wanting a screw punch for some time and my current craft knife has been around for too long and suffered much abuse! I would like to try and make cards using the screw punch to create constellations. A nice contrasting color on the inside would add some pop!!

  • I've been looking for some original way to work with the paper goods for my wedding! Particularly the escort cards.

  • I would use the screw punch to make paper bag luminaries

  • I have always wanted to screw punch. I am sure that I will end up using it for many projects. It seems like it would just make making holes a simple task!

  • Oh, I don't know yet, but I'm sure I can think of something if I win!

  • I would probably show my daughter how to use these tools and give them to her, as I already have them both. We can craft together-- probably first project will be some elegant snowflakes for Christmas windows.

  • Fabric borders for placemats. Iron on a pattern (I have a Subline Stitching one in mind), punch accents, embroider and sew to the base of the placemat. Might try something similar for bookmarks too — plus the punch will make a nice hole to lace through a ribbon, beaded chain or somesuch.

  • papercutting!

  • I would make framed monogram prints for my two daughters' rooms with the screw punch, much like you showed on your notecards. Love that look and would love this punch!

  • I would make those throw pillows! They are gorgeous!!

  • This is so perfect for making cards and invitations. And, I must agree with Jonathan, paper bag luminaries sound awesome!

  • I just love good tools! I want to try my hand at some leather laced place mats and the punch would be perfect for that...I'm even contemplating a leather rug! I have never tried my hand at stenciling but I have a beautiful butterfly pattern hanging by my sewing area waiting to be cut out! Love your ideas!

  • I would use the tools to make a "back to school" banner. Between each letter I will put a picture of the first day of school throughout the years.

  • I'd love to learn how to use the screw punch. I'd use it for scrapbooking and card making.

  • I want to make those pillows!

  • We are going to me moving into literally a brand new house the we just finished building. It would be nice to use the screw punch to make stencils to use on my plain walls! There is definately alot of decoration needed.

  • I would love to use this to design a template for the etching on our rememberance candle holders for my fiance's parents, who will be greatly missed at our wedding. Then I would love to make some fun cards and papercrafts.

  • I have also wanted this screw punch for some time. I think I would use it for making books to hold my kids artwork in. Also, for cards too. It is so great that you can punch holes anywhere.

  • Wow, that screw punch is amazing. I'd love to use these tools for papercutting art projects.

  • I would use them to make handbags, cards, and for scrapbooking.

  • I would love to try out this tool... I think it would fun to use for all sorts of projects. I really like the idea of using it to make stencils.

  • I've had my eye on the punch tool for a bit now. I would use it to make Christmas cards with my 10 year old son. I would also use it to make stitching cards for the grandkids to practice their hand sewing on.

  • i would love that screw punch! i have found myself needing a neat and clean way to make holes recently and this could be it! i make a lot of cards and this would make fantastic patterns on the front plus i'm loving that pillow idea!

  • Oh the possibilities! My husband is really into papercraft of funny little creatures printed out to be folded and taped and made into cute little things that adorn our bookshelf. He's recently been interested in trying to make his own, so this would encourage his future creativity!

  • Ooh, I love the screw punch! I make a lot of dog items and this would be a boon to putting the holes in collars! And the craft knife would make cutting out custom shrinky-dinks a breeze!

  • I would love to win this screw punch and crafts knife so that I can make personalized leather key chains.

  • I would use it to make beautiful love notes for my love.

  • I am just starting to creat a craft kit and making cards, so I would have to "discover" a way to use the screw punch.

  • I'd make my own note cards! And templates for 3-D paper sculptures.

  • I would use the screw punch to make stationery/invitations!

  • A few girls that I work with and myself are starting a craft club and we are getting together weekly to scrapbook and do a whole bunch of crafty things!! These tools would be great to add to our collection, since we share what we own with each other!

  • I would love to use these tools to make lovely cards.

  • I would love to create cards and scrapbook pages with a screw punch. I'm very familiar with a craft knife, but never tried a screw punch!

  • I would make luminerias for my daughter's Hollywood Star party....

  • I am making the wedding decorations for my wedding by hand and these tools would be great! The screw punch would be wonderful for making the luminaries to light the walkway to the ceremony site and the craft knife would be perfect for cutting out the bird-shaped cards for the guest book tree.

  • I would try to make a paper version of the old pie safes. I would punch holes in metallic paper, back with a contrasting color, and frame with distressed wood.


  • These tools would be immensely helpful in making hand-bound books. To me, this craft is all about precision. The craft knife can be used to cut paper and book cloth down to size, while the Screw Punch makes Coptic style and Japanese bindings a breeze!

  • So many fun possibilities! I would make "Thank You" cards for my Etsy customers.

  • Prettier lampshades!! Please pick me and I'll send you pictures... :)

  • I could scrap in a snap, put on shows with my bows, give my pots some spots, etch class onto a glass, make my felt look svelte, give a new look to my craft nook or rock the card stock or simply as a paper shaper!!

  • Paper cut outs for cards, and covers for small journals.

  • This punch and knife would make it so easy to place intricate details on the lower portion of my daughters blinds for her windows in her bedroom. We love to have one of a kind items in our house!

  • Fancy cards, placemats, gift tags... - I've already got Christmas presents on the brain!

  • I will make a giant flower cutout with a hand-made paper lace background in a frame to add a splash of color to my new living room!

  • I'd use it to create stencils for curtains to hang in my kitchen window and baby's room!

  • ooooh, i really want that puch!!! i'll make my christmas cards, my christmas package,everything punched!!!!

  • I would use them in my various papercrafting projects. I mostly make stationery, but I've been experimenting with a few other projects, as well.

  • I would use the tools to create some portfolios I am making for my graduating college niece to place her writing and art samples for her job search.

  • Make awesome things!

  • I have to help with a bunch of wedding projects for friends so these tools would come in handy! I desperately need a new craft knife.

  • I'm starting my own home-based business making and selling baby accessories, so I really love crafts. I also just moved into a new house and would love to make things to decorate it!

  • Screw punches are essential. I only have the old skool one you use with a hammer. Both would help get me through this mound of card making on my desk.

  • This screw punch is definitely on my wish list! I'd use it to punch holes for stringing pretty papers together for homemade garlands.

  • I just borrowed my husband's craft knife for a mat for a picture as I don't have one. I'd use the screw knife for my newfound craft of embroidered cards!

  • oh yea baby...i'll get my craft on and make small notebooks for my coworkers out of all of our scrap paper. yay!

  • I'd love to use it in my scrapping book project!

  • I used one of the screw punches awhile ago and I love it! I used it to go through book board and it was like butter.

    I would like to make board books with it.


  • There are so many great crafting tools around, but most of them are not available in Hungary, like this screw punch. It would be great to have one, but I'm probably not even eligible to enter this competition. Any plans to have competitions for those living outside the US? I've been receiving emails with special offers for subscribing to MSL, but again I'm not eligible to take up the offer. I've been buying the magazine for years at a hugely inflated price in Hungary (might be the only one in the country). I think it's a great magazine and the website is amazing too. Keep up the good work! It would be great to receive an answer to this email.

  • Well, I've been wanting one of these for a long time, and I can't seem to find a good one. Mostly, I want one for making books. I love journals, and I want to make more of them, and have the versatility to bind them in different ways.


  • oooh how fun! our daughter is 2 1/2 and we decided to make all of our holiday decorations this year. our little artist loves to color, so she does the drawing & coloring and I do the cutting then dad hangs them for us... these tools will make Halloween & Xmas so much fun!

  • I love your stencil idea, so I would definitely try that out! I also enjoy making cards. The hammer punch is so loud, I'd love to try the screw punch!

  • I would make lovely cards for all my friends and family. Looking at the projects posted makes my head spin at the potential these tools have to make the ordinary, extraordinary!

  • Definitely handmade journals.

  • Well, I'd use the craft knife to replace the one I have that's gone by the wayside, and I'd use the punch for Christmas decorations.

  • I can see using them to cut templates for quilting designs and stencils to embelish the quilts with

  • I'd punch holes into various transparent and semi-transparent shapes of paper with images and shapes printed on them and thread them onto a brad. You could then rotate the shapes and create an endlessly changing series of images...

  • I'd love to teach my pre-schooler some basic bookmaking. The screw punch would be good for us to punch holes to make simple books for her to write and illustrate stories. Thanks for sharing the throw pillows--that's such a good idea! A craft knife is always useful in any papercrafting project.

  • I would make notes card and place cards.

  • can we add leaf and branch for modified your theme?

  • I would make journals with the punch - much easier to make holes for the "signatures"! And they could be used for to make lovely decorative elements on the cover!

  • i'm not sure what i will do with it but i really want it!

  • These tools would be great for helping to do some bookbinding. I would like to start making my own custom sketchbooks to draw in and these tools would come in handy.

  • garlands, gift tags and greetings, oh my!

  • I saw Martha using one of these on her show, and have wanted one since. It's such a great looking tool. I'm a big scrapbooker, and would love to create a project using it!

  • I'd use the punch for stencils and since it works on fabric I'd use it on my recycled felted wool for perfect dots. The punched out dot could be used in other needle felting projects such as the wool diaper covers that I've currently been making. I'd use the craft knife for stencil cutting. I should mention that I'm *crazy* about tools!

  • I would use a craft knife and screw punch to make pretty decorations for my upcoming wedding. I can picture little sleeves to go over votive candle holders, and paper bags for the candy buffet.

  • This would be wonderful for making lanterns, holes to embellish and sew cards, ATCs, -endless possibilities! No limitation by the material's edge.
    A knife would be great for papercuts, too.

  • I would love to have a craft knife to start learning scherenschnitte!

  • I'd use the knife to cut strips of colored paper; punch a row of holes on both short ends..and a decorative pattern along the length. Then i'd use baker's twine to "lace up" through the holes to make a fun wrap to decorate the body of the cupcakes.

  • It looks like an awesome tool to add to my collection!

  • I would use the craft knife to cut mats for my picture frames. I can not cut the inside of the mat using scissors.

  • I would use a screw hole punch doing many crafts with my kids...especially handmade ornaments for our Christmas tree. The craft knife would replace the one my husband broke doing his leather crafts. I would use this tool to reuse holiday cards into beautiful ornaments and framed decor.

  • bookbinding. fingers are crossed.

  • I would use the screw punch and the craft knife both for all my cardmaking, scrapbooking, and holiday projects. In fact, I love my one craft knife so much and use it so often, that I definitely need another one for the few times I can't remember where I used it last!

  • I have the privilege of planning both my parents 50th. Wedding Anniversary celebration and my parents in-laws 60th. Wedding Anniversary celebration. I will be creating the Elegant Invitations with my new Screw Hole Punch and Craft Knife along with the other decorations for the celebrations. I'm designing their invitations now...! :)

  • I'd use it to punch out paper patterns for painting Christmas ornaments or to punch out patterns from dried paint to apply to ornaments!

  • I would use the screw punch to create patterns on heavy cardstock, which I would then stencil onto papers for card making and decoupage (and trim with the craft knife). The screw punch would be a great printmaking tool.

  • this is what i needed when i was making very hungry caterpillar invitations for my son's birthday!

  • Right now I am studying for my Physics Ultrasound Registry and I transpose a lot of the information from my textbooks onto 3X5 cards. Then I drag out my three hole punch and try and align it up to punch one hole in the top corner. I definitely can see how this Screw Hole Punch turning this difficult task into a easy, pleasurable moment for me. Just write out my card, quick punch with this and attach it to my ring. I would love to have this craft punch.

  • I love being crafty and creative. I would love something like this to add just those little touches something needs to make it complete. I am redoing my daughters room and it would be fun to add a special touch to her things. I also love to make cards and so it would be fun for that also. Thanks

  • I would finally make stencils and spray paint my walls with designs--instead of painting.

  • I would use the screw punch with my students to teach them how to make dot-to-dot type maps of continents,countries and states. The map "stencils" could be used to make window decorations/luminarias or cards. Fun practice activities make learning so much easier.

  • I love (if that word is even strong enough) making cards of all kinds in my spare time. Thank you, birthday, just because name it. Handmade cards are so much more personal and have that extra special touch. I refuse to by cards from the store. I lost my job in January and haven't been able to find work enough to pay my rent every month, let alone buy new materials for card making. All hobbies have been put on hold. These tools would help me get on my "card making" feet again and lift my creative spirits.

  • I have a lot of birthdays coming up so this will be a great tool for the cards I need to create. Hanging lights on my patio with screw punched design, I have some long narrow windows that a punched paper will be a good covering. The ideas are flowing!

  • The screwpunch has so many possibilities...adding finishing touches to cards and scrapbooking pages would be a start. Also setting holes for ribbon trims cards and pages. The graduated feature would be a greatfor making different sized ladybugs or bees!

  • These tools have given me some thoughts (along with your ideas) on how to make the invitations to my Dad's 90th Birthday Party......mmmmmm

  • I would love to have a screw punch to experiment with on cards and scrapbooking. The graduated feature would be fun to make different sized lady bugs and bees for accents on cards etc.

  • That punch looks wonderful. The card making caught my eye. But I also paint on glass, and the punch would be great for making templates for monogrammed wine glasses. I would tape the template inside the glass and paint the outside. Can't wait to try it.

  • Love this. I'm working on a paper suite for a casual country wedding I'm planning. I can envision a whimsical polkadot pattern on the programs and tags for favors and cupcakes. Too cute!

  • Are you kidding? I am such a novice crafter - the possibilities are endless! I love the idea of stencils for pillows, curtains, or dishtowels, but probably more practically both tools for cards. Having a baby soon so will need lots!

  • I would use the screw punch to put holes in the top of sweat shirts and then knit a warm collar onto the shirt in school colors ... for those of us that spend our Friday nights watching high school football!

  • what a useful tool... Thanks for sharing! I didn't realize they existed. I can think of tons of stencils you can make.

  • i think if i had either one of those tools, i could make anything! lampshades, belts, Christmas ornaments, leather belts for cowboy dolls...just a dream come true! ann hill

  • I am using a product called ROC LON (it's for lining curtains) I decoratively paint a pumpkin and fall leaves on it for a banner or flag then where the leaf patterns is around the pumpkin I cut it out to match the leavesso it looks like they are piled up all around the pumpkin. The tools would make the cutting soooo much easier. I have ideas for other fall items too, and cannot wait to start producing them all. (Fruit with leaves other fall vegtables even a rooster)

  • These tools look so versatile. I adore paper crafts. I love embellishing journal pages, customizing stationary, and creating "additions" to collages.

  • As a crafter my favorite questions has been, what will you make? Punch holes in paper thin wood then string for beads? Create sequins with shiny paper for decorations on hats? Having your punch in my hands to play with help my imagination flow.

  • Who knows, the possibilities are endless, right?! I'm sure my first project will be something for my son's newly finished nursery. Fun! Thank you for the giveaway. :)

  • I would love this! besides tags at christmas, i would use them for paper lanterns up my walk on halloween!

  • I never heard of a screw punch before, but I would use it for luminaries or lampshades or stationery...The possibilities are endless!

  • I would love to use these for my many DIY wedding projects - including invitations, table runners, favors, and so much more. I'm learning lots from my very crafty friends, and I know we'd be inspired with amazing design!

  • Oh my goodness, what great tools! I also use craft knives regularly, but I would still appreciate a new one. And a screw punch is a new tool for me as well. I work with leather, making small accessories and home decor items. These tools look like they'd be great for creating decorative motifs within the leather itself. Opens up possibilities for all sorts of design ideas...

  • I would definitely love to use these tools to make wonderful greeting cards. I saw Martha use the screw punch to make some monograms on her show and have been itching to make some since. Besides those, there are so many other crafting ideas! Wish me luck! :)

  • I would love to have those tools to help me create my homemade candle labels (which will consist of fabric and paper). Not to mention all of the crafting for fun I like to do- those two tools will help me with those projects as well. So many possibilities.

  • i would make a lampshade!! so glowy and pretty!

  • I would use the screw punch to make holes in vellum or coordinating wallpaper scraps to make a small lampshade cover, then lash together the seam and shade edges with 1/8" ribbon, rattail cord or leather lacing. More punched holes in a pattern allow light to peek through.

  • The screw punch is such a cool tool. I would use it for scrapbooking and card making. It has such a cool effect.

  • I've been wanting a hole punch ever since I took a class on Japanese book binding, and the craft knife would be useful for the covers.

  • Today I sold my old house. Tomorrow I will start looking for a new one. How great it would be to be able to make my on stencils to carry a theme throughout the new place. We nickname our house "Chateau Saute'" as a play on our last name, Cook. (If you saute'something, you cook it, get it?) An interlocking S and C would be really cool.

  • I would use screw punch for monogram, border or emblishment on my cards. Also I can use for making hole on leather band braceles. I can use my craft knife for cutting big letter alphabet or different shape that is hard to reach by scissor. Very useful tools.

  • I do a lot of paper crafting and would use the punch for setting eyelets in hard to reach places. Craft knives are also so useful in paper crafting.

  • My kids are always looking for memo pads, notepads and things to write in and make their own books. With these awesome tools I could make them books galore out of scratch paper and recycled cardstock!

  • I want to make lacing cards for my kids, now to find fun shapes!

  • I would use it to make holes to connect signs my daughter has made for her high school Math classroom which contain the dates of all the SAT and ACT exams for the school year. You cannot use tape or glue on the walls for each individual circle so joining them and suspending them from a few places reduces the amount of tape used.

  • Two great give-aways! I love making cards and the screw punch would be great to have to expand card-making abilities. I also love to make books and journals - that screw punch would be an added "jewel" to my tool box. Martha's craft knife is also a fantastic tool to have and uses for this are too many to list. I sure hope to win!

  • I will use mine in a multitude of ways to bring my scrapbook pages to life. Love your examples and have been wanting one of these tools for a while. Would love to be your random choice!!!

  • 2 of crafters basic tools, but a must have. I never have made my own stencils but this could be a new crafting hobby. And winning them could be just the perfect start to that new hobby. I definitely would utilize them for my cards and scrapbooking though. Good luck to everyone!

  • How cool! I am really into scrapping and card making! This tool would be PERFECT for both! And, as someone mentioned before, making luminaries for the holiday would be a breeze with one of these tools!

  • We celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary soon. I'm making the cards. Having a punch would make it fun to create different cards.

  • I would use them to make pretty borders for photo mats and scrap pages, I wonder if they would punch through ribbon and cloth. Goodness, they could be used for anything.

  • I am a volunteer at Claremore Regional Hospital here in Claremore, Oklahoma. I would love to be able to use both tools for making tray favors for the patients at the hospital and for other craft ideas there and at home.
    Thank you

  • With both of my girls off to college this year, I'm planning to make more cards - to send to them and to keep in touch with friends. I think they'd be great for some creative journaling, too.

  • Wow, can't even begin to list what I could do with those tools. I am a graphic designer, both tools would be extremely helpful for creating cut paper stationary/greeting cards

  • I design and make stencils. I squeegee rice paste through the designs. Then I dye the rice paste in indigo. I get really beautiful blues against clear whites. It is difficult to find good craft punches. I could really use the craft punch and craft knife. I like really fine lines and various sizes of punches. It would be a treat to have this set

  • I make these fabric photo rings so your screw punch work much better than using a single hole hand held. It will also come in handy to make my banners...the cutting tool will work on both, too.

  • OK here's my story - I'm an elementary school art teacher and would love either tool as me and my co-teacher have to prepare materials for all classes (K-5) each weekend. Either of these tools would save us lots of time (to be spent perusing the Martha Stewart site for more great ideas!).

  • I like to use the craft knife to sculpture the side of pedistal candles. They make great hostess gifts at the holidays. The screw punch is useful for leather bracelets that my daughter likes to make for her friends.

  • I would use it while making a quiet activity book for my son.

  • My son and I have plans to make our cards for the holidays this year and a screw punch would be an awesome asset to our project.

  • I design, make, and embellish many of the costumes for my daughters' ballet classes. I recently started using hotfix rhinestones and have been looking for a way to create templates for rhinestone placement. These tools would solve that problem! The possibilities are almost endless for costumes and props.

  • For all those punches that you can't reach with a regular punch, the screw punch seems like it would work great! Otherwise, since I've never used one before, I'm not quite sure what I would use it for.

  • I would use it to create the shape of snowflake on felt and hang it for christmas time.

  • Perfect tools to create homemade paper lanterns for indoor decorating and balsa wood lanterns for eating out on the patio!

  • I would use the screw punch on a million different projects! From paper to fabric... to thin wood? My first project would be using it on the paper mache keepsake boxes that I paint and donate to the hospital (for people who lose infants at birth). The punch would make beautiful holes for threading ribbons into the top or sides of the boxes, creating a lace effect in the paper mache box top or even making a hole to tie on a "hinge" to the box (wow, which is a really good idea that I'm going to go do right now. But, I'll have to use a drill, which won't work as well as a screw punch!!).

  • I would use the screwpunch in creating beautiful custom stationery. Also, I can't cut a straight line so the craft knife will be great for me.

  • I would use them to make papel picado.

  • I would love this!!! I make handmade bookmarks and would use it for that! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Those tools look wonderful! I am in desperate need of a more efficient way of punching holes in the middle of sheets of paper. I would implement these tools immediately in my handmade cards, banners, and signage for upcoming craft shows.

  • I have tons of ideas, but making window screens from semi transparent films comes immediately to mind. Thanks a bunch!

  • I would like to own a screw punch simply for the dramatic and risqué conversations that would emanate from my tales of screw punching.... Seriously, I'm quite interested in book binding, as well as stenciling and embroidery and this punch/knife combo would prove invaluable.

  • i recently learned that I am a crafter…I have always crocheted (my great grandma taught me when I was young but I recently learned how to knit and oh man what a whole new world. I thought because i couldn’t draw that I wasn’t an artist, so now that I have found my inner crafter I would use those tools to make the most beatiful thank you cards, I got married 6 mos ago, and my parents will turn 65 this year and I will make the invites with these tools.

  • i'm an elementary art teacher, so the screw punch and craft knife could be crucial to the display of over 700 little artists' work! nice clean holes to help hang their work, quick clean lines when doing some selective cropping/clean up... you know how it goes!

  • I have never used a screw punch before and it looks so neat. I need to get started on invitations for my son's birthday party and this year's christmas cards.

  • This would be great for projects at home (we homeschool). Of course the paper possibilities are endless, so we would of course have a lot of fun with all of those paper crafts. I also thought of trying it out on felt. Hmm.

    Thank you for the contest!

  • My sister and I make cards and scrapbook pages for our family and friends. The screw punch and craft knife would be handy for many layouts and card designs. They are both craft tools we do not have!

  • I enjoy card making, scrapbooking, sewing........heck you name it I pretty much enjoy all crafts. This would come in handy for a lot of them!!!

  • Gosh. So many possibilities! But we're in the middle of planning our wedding paper goods so I would first use them for those. I'm thinking some paper garlands, treat bags for the ride home and paper cones filled with flower petals.

    So many options!

  • neat! i would definitely create a stencil, too, to add some sweet touches to my clothes and bags. thanks for the chance to win these! yay :D

  • I've never tried a screw punch, but love building up my collection of crafty potential! I suppose they'd be fun to put to use in making cards, books and stencils. But I've only just started imagining...

  • The screw punch would be a big help in my book binding endeavors!

  • I would love to try this out on shrink plastic! I am imagining all kinds of new punch designs....

  • I would love to use the screw punch for my daughter's 2nd birthday coming up. Right now, she is in love with shapes - especially circles. So we'll do some sort of ball/circle theme for her this year. I'd love to use the screw punch to add embellishments to her invitations, favor bags, lunch napkins & birthday banner. The possibilities are endless - thank you!!

  • I love the idea of making stencils with these. I could use the stencil over and over for fun backgrounds on cards or for other fun craft and home decor projects!

  • I love the idea of using the screw punch to make decorative covers for candleholders to let the light shine through!

  • My daughter wants to make clothes for her Barbie dolls. We’ll use the punch to make beautiful designs on her fabric pieces and make several patterns. Then, I’ll sew the dresses on my sewing machine

  • Halloween is coming, so I'd use the tools to make some scary luminaries to guide the trick-or-treaters to the door!

  • I would use my new screw punch to drill holes in thin sheets of baked polymer clay. I would the use the craft knife to cut out pendant shapes in the 'eyelet' clay. I would then layer several sheets to create jewelry.

  • I am in love with the pictures of the effect from the screw punch on the pillows. I'm looking to add some "ooomph" to my room and think this effect on the pillows and wall would be stunning and easily affordable and fun to do. What more can a girl ask for?

  • I love this tool, I would use it to make different types of hole designs and get wonderful ideas to create scrapbook pages and layouts, creativity at its best.

  • I've never heard of these! I think I'd use them to make cards for people, crafts in my mom's class, or to make stencils for a tote bag or pillows.

  • I have never used a screw punch.I love the decorative pillow and the very clear instructions on your crafts site . I would do the pillows and also recycle shoe boxes covered with the same pattern for closet storage

  • [...] see if anything was worth trying.  Today I came across some projects that involved the use of a screw punch, something that I had never heard of before today.  There are several sample projects that use [...]

  • My boyfriend and I have would have so many uses for this these tools! I do a lot of glass etching and I could use a really nice craft knife to cut out all of my custom stencils. My boyfriend wants to perforate his motorcycle jacket with the screw punch!

  • OH MY. I'd love to have a screw punch. this punch looks great! Ergonomic too. And who couldn't use another craft knife?

  • I found a Great alternative to wrapping gifts. It is a new invention called "Gift Gloss" and its way easier then wrapping and, looks very professional. Check it out at The site also has a community to share ideas and tons of pictures and videos of how to "foof" a gift. I highly recommend it!

  • Wow! What a wonderful give-away! I would be more than excited if I won a screw punch and craft knife. I make so many cards for my family and for people at my church and these tools would really enhance my crafts. If I had these tools I would make a punched card and line the back with tin foil so that it'd catch the light through the holes. Thanks for your great website!

  • These are great for expanding to different projects for a non-profit bunny rescue I work with. I currently do cards but with these tools I can make some beautiful stencils and paint on fabric or something. This will be a great to help bring in more money for them to care for the recused animals.

  • there are so many uses for these great tools! I already have a Martha Stewart craft knife but it's all beat up from using it so often! and I'm definately in need of a new blades! I would continue to use the craft knife and put the screw punch to work on my Christmas cards for soldiers! anything helps and with these tools the possibilities are endless for great cards and little paper gifts!

  • I love the things you can do with the craft punch on so many materials. I have a craft knife but the blade is so dull I cannot use it. I would love to have these items in my craft supplies.

  • Great tools! I would use them to design/carve out pumpkins and create luminaries for the holidays.

  • Wow. These tools would work great for wedding invitations, birthday invitations, not to mention an online card-making business I am considering. Let me not forget to announcements! As I am due any day now.

  • I always use a hole punch as a way to string and tie up my gift stuffers with their Thank You/Christmas cards.

    After punching a hole, I thread my satin ribbons and tie them together to lasso my gifts/treats then wrap them around the card then tie them together.

    Quick but cute way to thank all the folks who help me throughout the year.

  • I decided to make my own holiday (Halloween / Thanksgiving / Xmas) cards before realizing what an undertaking that it would be. I usually make my own gift tags year round :)

    Also, I have just begun planning my wedding (April 2011) and at this point, I fully intend to do the decorating myself!

    I work at a Michaels Arts & Crafts store and so far everything I have purchased has been Martha Stewart items.

    I have not yet purchased a screw punch or craft knife and could certainly put them to good use :)

  • Ihave worked with alot of tools to cut materials with before. But I really know that if I have this knife I would be able to cut and carve better now.

  • I make treat bags by decorating brown lunch bags with stickers, stamps and paints for my daughter's teams. The screw punch and craft knife would be used to create design on the bags.Team Logos or Words of Encouragement. Something different!

  • I am teaching my daughter the art of crafting; I haven't came across this type of item before - I am known for getting creative with punches & finding other uses for tools while crafting. This one would be FUN to figure out!

  • this would be great for so many things My head is swimming and I can think and see My 13 year old Son using also

  • This year will be the first year that my son and I will not be with each of the Christmas holiday. I am putting together a Christmas package for him to open. Both of these tools would come in so handy with my craft projects that I have carefully planned. With the economy this year my budget is especially limited. I know that both of these tools would be put to good use.

  • This year will be the first year that my son and I will not be with each other for the Christmas holiday. I am putting together a Christmas package for him to open. Both of these tools would come in so handy with my craft projects that I have carefully planned. With the economy this year my budget is especially limited. I know that both of these tools would be put to good use.

  • Wow too bad I missed this giveaway! Just wanted to say those pillow stencils are a WONDERFUL idea. What a great way to make old fabric into something new and different!

  • I would make cards for elderly widows and people in the nursing home across the street to cheer them up and express my love and care to them.

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