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Behind the Scenes : Needle Felting Prep

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Getting ready for a craft shoot is always a busy time. We make all the projects that you see in the magazine here and there's usually loads to do before everything is finished & ready to be shot. But sometimes, the hardest work isn't the finishing - it's the planning. We go through A LOT of samples before we pick just the right pattern or color and go to A LOT of meetings to make sure that everything is just right.

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the prep work that went into the projects for the needle felting story in the September issue (which should be in your mailboxes now!)


These shots are from the early stages of picking the palette and patterns for the opening pillow shot. As you can see, we started off thinking of it with very different colors than we ended up with.


This grouping is closer to the final, probably taken just a couple days before the shoot - we still had some big decisions to make!


photo by: Frank Heckers

Here's how it ended up. I think all the hard work paid off - we really wanted to get a sample of how the technique worked with yarn, roving and felt all in the same shot. The adorable cat helps too!


To help decide on the colors for the blanket, I made test swatches of 3 different combinations. We liked the way all three of them looked together, but thought the golden yellow was a great choice for the early fall. To get the pattern just right, I took a series of over-head shots of the blanket as I worked. It really helped make sure the dots made a nice, even pattern.


photo by: Frank Heckers

Our model, Laura (who was also the writer for the story!) snuggles into the final product.


For the how-to, we really wanted to convey how easy & versatile this craft is. Stephen, our art director, had the great idea to put everything on one full page. To make sure we could fit everything together for the shot, we printed out a mock-up of the page layout and did some test shots before the shoot. The shot on the right is the final product (sans text), shot by our amazing photographer, Frank Heckers.

I hope you all get a chance to see the story in the magazine - and give needle felting a try!

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  • Love it and loved the article! Great job!

  • I loved this project in MSL this month! I can't wait to give it a try!

  • I loved this story corinne! I haven't tried needle felting yet, but this one made me really want to make some polka dot pillows! Everything looks amazing. You do so much to make an amazing story.


  • Good to see a few behind the scenes shots of just how your projects start and how they come together. Thanks for sharing. My favorite in this craft string is the blanket.

  • one of my favorite parts of the crafts coverage in MSL is the process shots- and now seeing the process of the process shots! i'm thrilled.

  • Thanks for the behind the scenes look. I loved the article. I just don't need another hobby! LOL.

  • Thanks for this wonderful peek behind the scenes! You are all so creative; it's fun for us to see how you put it all together. I think the grey/blue colorway for the felted blanket would be a wonderful winter combination... I can picture curling up with it, a cup of cocoa, and my newest issue of MSL!

  • It is great to see what goes on behind the scenes and to get a sense of how much work goes into a story above and beyond the crafting itself. Thanks for doing all the legwork so we can sit back and enjoy the fabulous projects!

  • When I was in school, I also used these transparent velum to cover my books, and I did this so that I do not need to open the books of same dimensions to find out which book it is.

  • can't wait to read this article! i would really like to try needle felting...probably it's creative violence involved ;)

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