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TV Crafts : Personalized wedding gift

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Today's TV Tuesday post by Kirsten Earl:


My dear cousin married a wonderful woman in June, and I am a procrastinator, so they still do not have a wedding gift from me and my husband (I have to admit that this, unfortunately, is not the first time the one-year rule has saved me). I managed to purchase one small item from their registry before it was completely wiped out by their many friends and family -- this set of 12 Crate & Barrel appetizer plates (right).

cocktailnapkinss12llf9 Clearly this is not a complete gift, but luckily I happened upon this set of 12 Crate & Barrel cocktail napkins soon after (not on their registry, but it's a new product, so I'm assuming they would have wanted them were they available at the time). I loved the variety of colors and decided I could personalize them by machine-embroidering our family monogram on them in white. Using the fantastic Pfaff Creative 2.0, I completed this project in a matter of hours! I'll present the 12 napkins and 12 plates to them this weekend with a bottle of nice champagne - a sort of cocktail party "kit" - I hope they'll be glad I procrastinated long enough to be inspired.

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The Pfaff Creative 2.0 with all the lovely napkins it created.

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  • Dear Martha, I recently brought my sewing machine to Sew Time Creative Sewing Centers for repair. They told me that you had a sewing machine repaired by them. Is it true and were you satisfied? Thanks.

    Very Truly Yours,
    Diana Mirra


  • Good for you for procrastinating because in the end you came out with an awesome gift. I love the idea of appetizer plates with the monogrammed napkins.

  • What a fantastic and personalized gift. Very special.

    I am trying to read about the Pfaff Creative 2.0 and am confused. Is it like an old fashioned sewing machine where you do the work and this is just a pretty and updated model or do you just select the design you like on like and it automakes (robot-like) it adjusting colours and things?

  • What an amazing and thoughtful gift. I am sure she loves it. Who wouldn't?!!

  • Hmmm, I really love simple ideas like this one! Thanks for the inspiration.

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