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Inspiration Board : Shelf life

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In my apartment I have one giant wall of shelves dedicated to all the tchotchkes that I’ve accumulated over the years. Most objects have a story behind it, whether it be from a trip abroad, a family hand-me-down, or the occasional project from work. It can be quite overwhelming to look at in it's entirety. To be quite honest, it's in need of much editing, and dusting too. My 1 bedroom apartment is in what was once the gymnasium of P.S. 4, an old grammar school building with 12 foot high ceiling. In fact, once when I pulled up the carpet in my bedroom, I discovered markings of the old basketball court. Friends seem to be fascinated by the endless array of curios, often suggesting I open up a shop of some sort, but for me it’s simply a personal expression of where I’ve been, who I’ve met, and what I’m attracted to.


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  • I have 3 curio-shelves myself. They are full of items that are more than just objects - they are physical memories. I can remember where and when I acquired the object and keeping them visible is almost a way to keep part of myself in that time and place. They also make great conversation starters.

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