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Make It : sticks and stones magnets

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When I was cleaning off my bulletin board to make room for the new school year, I realized that my little magnets I had developed for the 'sticks and stones' story, were never shown in the magazine, but are a nice quick project to make.


I simply painted little pebbles I had collected on the beach with enamel paint. Then, once dry (which takes a while), I glued mini magnets to the back with duco cement. Even quicker is keeping the pebbles natural and unpainted. I did the same with small sticks, but must admit the pebbles are sturdier. The sticks however are quite decorative, no !?

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  • What a fun idea. My family always collected rocks from each beach we went to growing up and then kept them in a bowl. Putting them on the fridge would have been a daily reminder of the fun and memories. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • If I was to win punches I would use them to make greeting cards. I love making my own cards.

  • Love this idea! So simple! I'm headed to the Washington coast next week and will definitely take on this DIY project. Thanks for the idea.

  • I love this! They look like something you would pick up at a trendy little boutique!

  • This looks so quick and easy but has such a great result! You could even use a grouping of these stones as a nice centerpiece for a casual dinner party and place a twig on every guest's plate with a tag wrapped around the stick with their name on it. The enamel paint really changes the whole look, I love this project!

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