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Inspiration Board : Stomping Ground

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I just love what Brooklyn-based Stomping Ground is doing for the school portrait! This new company is aiming to make the portrait process a little less point-and-shoot and a little more have-some-fun.


Their pictures are so expressive & fun! The children are asked to wear their favorite outfit or costume, bring their favorite toy, and just be themselves - and best of all, they work with the class to teach them about portrait photography and what goes behind a winning shot. Winning indeed.

(Found via Smaller, the blog for the amazing online children's magazine, Small)

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  • I love this idea! I think I'll steal it for the next professional portraits I have taken of my girls. Instead of going along with the cheesy pre-packaged poses, I'll ask that the photographer attempt to catch more "candid" and genuine shots of my lil' monkeys.

  • I would use the tools for my card making crafts I do.

  • Wonderful portraits! Thanks for the link to the online Magazine. I am quickly becoming a fan.

  • That is rad! Wish they'd have done that when I was in school :)

  • What a GREAT idea!!!!!! MEV

  • Hmmmmm....I love crafts!!!! More projects in the future with this tool.

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