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TV Crafts : Waste Not

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Over the summer, Hosanna and I took a trip to MOMA to see the current exhibits. A friend of mine told me I had to see "this crazy installation of a bunch of junk" that reminded him of me [thanks], and I was excited to see what he was talking about.

Project 90, by Beijing-based artist Song Dong, is an installation consisting of the complete contents of his mother's home. She collected everything, or rather: never disposed of ANYTHING. I was amazed at the amount of stuff one could pile up in such a small structure.


The most interesting part of this exhibition was the way everything was displayed -- perfectly lined up, organized and categorized, spread out on the floor, covering a huge portion of the space, with narrow aisles for visitors to walk through — I can't imagine how this was all stored originally. This family held onto what most people would consider rubbish, thinking that they might be able to use it again sometime in the future. I personally know that feeling, and I'm guilty myself of hoarding things that should be trash ... at least what I keep is small and can fit in jars.


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As I was in the middle of composing this post, we received these sweet felt-embellished totes as gifts from one of last season's guest crafters, Jen Hopwood of My Perennial. We really loved the totes she made on the show, so she made each one of us our very own! Hosanna's happened to say...


How funny! And relevant! Thanks, Jen!

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