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TV Crafts : We're Back!

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Yesterday marked the return of the TV Art Department from the summer hiatus, and while some time in the morning was spent with everyone catching up and getting settled, we all quickly fell back into work mode.

I returned to two new sewing machines waiting for me at my desk. New machines are always fun and these look to be very user friendly and will get unpacked this week.


I also started going through all the pieces of paper and cards I had collected from the various craft shows I attended this summer. Lots of inspiration and maybe even a guest or two may come out of the pile.


Meanwhile the Set Stylist got to work unwrapping the set, which almost looks like they are unwrapping a giant gift.

UnWrap 01.JPG

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Chip worked on revealing the craft room.

Today the whole TV Art Department is taking a trip to meet with Martha at her house in Bedford. These trips are always a treat since it’s a chance to talk with Martha at her home. Bedford is always inspiring in photographs and a very special to experience in person. Oh, and we get to wish her Happy Birthday a day late.

We are excited to be back and looking forward to our 5th season!

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  • I can't imagine anything better than returning to my office to find two new sewing machines!

  • lovely sewing machines and can't wait to see what you do with the set.
    how fabulous to be able to hang with the woman herself. happy birthday to martha...a day late!

  • Can't wait for new shows and new craft segments especially!

  • Looking forward to the new season...

  • oh my gosh - that would be a dream to see two spanking new fabulous sewing machines waiting on my desk! i like when the UPS man delivers fabric and yarn to my house!

  • The new season can't come soon enough!! Anticipation is high.

  • So jealous that you get to do this for your JOB! Looking forward to the new season!

  • luck you! i would love to show up with two new machines on my desk :) i grew up in bedford, i love it there but what a priviledge to visit with Martha at her home. thanks for the peek at the new set! :)

  • OMGosh......I just love that you all wrap the set during hiatus. I need to do that to my kitchen and then maybe I won't have to clean it. Haha. Let the shows begin!! Can't wait!!

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  • I would love a new sewing machine, my Pfaff was bought in 1981, love it and it's getting old. Finding funds is my problem.

  • I am 54 years old and I learned how to sew at 53. I am a full blown crafter. Put me into my sewing studio and the magic happens...I create something new everyday

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