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Contests & Prizes : Corner Punches (contest expired)

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This week we're giving away two corner punches, perfect for card making and memory keeping.

This corner rounder punch will dress up any paper craft with four simple clicks.


You can customize photo corners using our photo corner punch.


Leave a comment describing how you’ll use your new tools in 50 words or less, along with a valid e-mail address by 6 PM Friday. We’ll choose one commenter at random to win these versatile tools. See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

Comments (154)

  • I've heard great things about MS punches, so I'm eager to try them out! I'd use these mostly for making cards, but the photo corner punch has me thinking that I'd have to expand my crafting a bit to get some good use out of it.

  • I used to have a rounded corner punch. I pretty much punched it to death, I think. I would keep using these bad boys for my Christmas cards, recipe cards, scrapbooking... the list goes on!

  • Awesome tools! I'd use the punches as a gift to my cousin. She is a scrapbooking fool and would love to get her hands on these punches! :o )
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • OOOhhhh... I love MS punches. I will use them to make hang tags and get some photos ready for framing.

  • i am about to start working on my daughter's 10th birthday party invitations & the corner punch would be perfect for what i have in mind! :)

  • How will I use these? Two words: WEDDING CRAFTING! With about a year to go, I'm starting all kinds of DIY wedding projects. The corner rounder will add a finished and professional look to place cards and menus, while the photo corner punch will be key for the guest book.

  • Hmmm.. I can think of about a million ways to use these, but I'm framing a lot of photos recently, I think the photo corner punch would add a nice touch to framed photos.

  • I would definitely use them for card making and scrapbooking - what fun!

  • I love, love, love MS punches. I am a scrapbooker, but love making handmade cards a ton! I even host 2 card swaps every month to get my friends involved, I guarantee these punches would go to good use for my monthly card exchange and of course on scrapbook pages!

  • After being a mom for 25 years and homeschooling for 15 of those years, I am facing an empty nest. Now I am looking forward to "scrapbooking" all of the cherished memories! The punches would add panache!

  • 23-1/2 years married. Two children almost grown. Large families on both sides. And *now* a major case of scrapbooking-itis hits?

    I can't die, I've got a lifetime of scrapbooking to do before I can go. Those two punches are just the ticket I'd use to launch our first scrapbook: Anderson's, est. 1986.

    Looks like I may (have to) live forever!

  • Oh I would love to win a Martha punch or two! Rounding corners using a saucer and scissors doesn't always cut it - har! - pun intended. Thanks for the very cool opportunity.

  • I am a devoted punch user, so when I saw the new corner punches, I knew I had to get my hands on them! I would love to use the corner punches to create name cards for place settings.

  • I would use the corner punches to do a lot of creative projects. The corner punches are ok but the one I saw I really liked was the looped lace pattern. I think that could be useful for everything from stationery and thank you cards to lunch bags and gift wrap bags. Anything paper or thin plastic would work. Possibly even the right kind of ribbon if it isn't fabric. Maybe even thin felt?

  • I love all of the MS Craft supplies. My favorites are definitely the craft punches! I have the sheep one and use it for all of my color palettes for mood boards. I am so excited that there is a rounded corner craft punch because I think that if every paper had rounded corners, our world would just be that much better! I would use them for so many different things, my resume, images for notebooks and mood boards, homemade many opportunities! :) thank you Crafts Dept!

  • I love to go to Michaels to check the Martha Stewart line!

    I have to say that I still don't own a craft punch. If I win this giveaway, I will use the corner round craft punch on the scrapbook papers, gift tags, greeting cards, and paper bags.

    Also, I will use the photo corners punch to decorate my pictures on the frames. I think it will give them a vintage look!

  • My brother is getting marry. I plan to photograph their special moments and create a album. The punches will make the gift elegant.

  • oh my! i'd love to have perfectly rounded corners. i usually try to eyeball it and do it by hand only to end up with wonky corners.

  • I would love to use these come Christmas time, when I have so many more gifts to give in such a short span of time, but really enjoy decorating them as much as possible!

  • Think of the possibilities of the wonderfully colored picture corners! I think a pic of my yorkie puppy would fit nicely into a few of those corners!

  • So fancy! I hope to make gift tags for Christmas. The photo punch would make a stylish gift tag!

  • I have an MS 1" scallop circle punch and I love it. It punches clean and I love that it's flat bottomed and can stand on it's own. I wasn't able to get anymore after losing my job but the photo corner punch was going to be next. I will use it for scrapbooking, something I just started recently. I am a stamper and make cards... I would love the have the corner rounder for them!

  • Wow! I haven't seen this corner punch before and was totally amazed!

    I'm used to making my own by hand by punching a square, hand scoring & cutting. This tool would be SO much easier!

  • These would work great with my self-promotional materials. I would use the corner punch to round the corners of letters, brochures, and business/contact cards. I would use the photo corner punch to make a space to attach my business card onto other promo materials.

  • I traveled throughout France in the year 2000, and am embarrassed to admit that I have all of my photos and memorabilia sitting in a box - from 9 years ago! I have a goal to finish this scrapbook of my travels by the end of this year, and these punches would be the perfect thing to get inspired! I would use the punches for rounding the corners of my photos, and adding little corners to hold all of my postcards, menus, and travel souvenirs from my trip. Merci beaucoup!

  • I LOVE rounded corners! I'd use them to make awesome postcards to send to all my friends!

  • Hi Martha,
    I am always making cards. I am also becoming involved in the local Children's home here in Chapala, Mexico where we live. I wouldlike to start workingon an album for the home with pictures of all the children (over 50). I would use the corner punch to use on my cards (which also I sell to benefit the Childen's Home) and to begint o construct an alum for the kids. I cannot obtain any of your products here had have been in need of a scallop border punch. But a corner punch would add to much to helpinging me do the work that I feel to do.
    Thank you for letting me have a chance ot obtain these free.
    God Bless,
    Audrey Roseman

  • I always laminate ID cards etc. for my husband. It would be very nice to have a corner punch. He would be suprised at the finished product.

  • Oooh! I'd love those for my card making! :)

  • photo corners are so wonderfully retro! I would use that punch to corner all my pics with stripes!

  • I would use these ALL the time for everything, LOVE MS but haven't been able to grab one in time over here they're such hot property! Never been much into punches until the MS ones came along as they were always a bit rubbish and inferior, but not these! Used one at a crop the other week and been desperate for one ever since - pllleeeeeeese choose me!! xxxx p.s as i never win anything ever congrats in advance to the lucky person who does get these!

  • I would use this punch heaps, I think. Corners for family photo album entries, cute little personalized stationary & cards...lots of potential!

  • That photo corner punch is brilliant! I'd use the rounded corner punch for by baby's first birthday invites.

  • I want sooo much to try this! I'm starting a photobook for a friend, it'd be perfect :)

  • Oh, the round corners would be so great for so many, placecards, gift tags. And I have a huge stack of photos waiting to be put in albums, so the photo corner one would be perfect!

  • I love that photo corner punch. I'm working on scrapbooking all my parents old, pre-digital photos, and have been looking for ways that I can still take the photos out of the albums again. I'd go broke buying the little pre-made packs of photo corners with the number of photos I've got. I absolutely have to get one, and I hope I win it.

  • These are both so cool! We are trying to make our wedding thank you cards and want to include photos of our guests in their thank yous. Both punches would be so helpful!

  • These would come in so handy with the escort cards Im making and a million other wedding day crafts, plus we have a new baby in the family who really needs a scrapbook.

  • I love corner rounders! I would that on my wedding invites, escort cards, programs.... all kinds of things! I see someone else mentioned gift tags, that's a great idea.

    The photo corner punch... that would be great for mounting photos directly to a bulletin board so I could change out photos at will.

  • I would love to have that photo corner punch for all the travel scrapbooking I need to do! What a cool way to make the corners really coordinate with the rest of your page!

  • These are great! I've pledged to handmake all of my cards this year & not to purchase any. These would definitely come in handy!

  • Ooh, I am hand-making the invitations, photographing, and hand-making the photo book for a friend's wedding. These would be so awesome to help move things along faster and add those little special touches (custom-colored photo corners?! maybe even PRINTS!)

  • I lost my corner rounder at a crop so I could use a replacement. I use it on cards and scrapbooking. One of my friends punches just two sides of a card and I like the look.

    I love how the photo corners add a pop of color to a B&W or a sepia layout.

  • Fantastic tools, they'll come in handy while I'm making the guest book (a photo album with spaces for guests to write) for my wedding!

  • I would love to win these tools! I love to frame my photographs and this would be amazing to use for the background paper that i use to post the pictures on.

    Such a cute way to embellish any project!

  • I'd love to try out the Martha Stewart punches. And where I'm doing some needle work, and will need to frame them, this would be a great touch. Love your craft site. It's awesome!

  • Hi all,
    I don't own any punches and I'm always borrowing my sister's when we crop together to it would be great to have some to share with her! I'm too organized about scrabooking so I scrapbook chronologically and am halfway through 2006 and could use some new tools.

  • i have been desperate to get one - would LOVE IT!. am a stay at home mom and would like to use it to create a craft that i can sell and make some extra money.

  • I could customize my handmade business cards with the rounded corner punch and get back into making homemade cards for friends and family!

    The photo corner one would motivate me to finally get all my pictures from a summer trip to Europe into a real photo album!

  • I'm throwing my mother a 60th birthday party in October and would use the corner punch for placecards and other party goods. I would use the photocorners to make color-coordinated corners to help display photos of her at different ages on a cloth-covered cork board.

  • I would love to have one of these corner punches to embellish some photo scrapbooks. It would also be great to use on handmade cards as well.

  • oh wow, I'm going to put my wedding photos in a new album and that photo corner punch would be perfect!

  • How stinking cool is that photo corner punch. How would I not use it would be easier. I'm so excited just thinking about it. Actually photo corners are one of my favorite things about old photo albums. Awesome!

  • OMG I just love that photo corner punch I've never seen it before!
    It would fit right in with my love of paper crafting and I would love to show it to some of the Ladies from our Crafting Guild where we meet once a month here in Alaska. Hint hint to sell more for ya! LOL

    Happy Crafting!

  • I would use the corner rounder to make vintage style gift tags and cards. I would use the corner punch to make photo corners and embellishments out of interesting papers to add detail. Congrats on the Emmy!!

  • I would love both punches! Using the rounded one on used wrapping paper (like birthday and christmas paper) to make gift tags for future presents would be a great way to recycle that wrapping paper instead of tossing it! Also making the photo corners out of scraps of paper would be so lovely! A lot better than than the plain black corners you can buy in the stores...and once again you are recycling!

  • I LOVE Martha's punches!! The photo corner punch in particular would be a great addition to have!! It is a treat to see all the new things they come up with. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • I would love to win the rounded corner punch. I would make good use of it by customizing my business cards and gift tags. Cheers!

  • I'm a card maker, so these punches would come in very handy. I need a new corner rounder. I've been looking for one of these larger corner rounders for a while. Thanks for a chance to win!

  • I would punch out a million photo corners from some beautiful colored papers, fold the wings down just slightly, and glue them to a board (maybe the top of a shoebox) in a graphic arrow pattern.

  • I would love to have your 2 punches...this might be the motivation I need to finish some scrapbook projects that were started, but forgotten!

  • New Year's Resolution - Create scrapbook of my life in 2009. These would add a nice touch.

    Also, I always make my Christmas cards. With these and my Polaroid Zinc, I could create really personal cards this year.

  • A Haiku about Martha Stewart Crafting Tools

    By Amy Kelley Bell

    I get home from work
    Need a creative outlet
    Have a cute picture
    But the corners are too sharp
    Martha Stewart to the rescue

  • Anything Martha is just so lovely! I would use the rounded punch to make birthday cards and christmas cards.

  • I've been working on a scrapbook from a family backpacking trip to Europe three summers ago. I love the idea of being able to recycle paper by making scraps into photo corners, and finishing this enjoyable but time-consuming task with some fun additions!

  • I've just rececently discoverd MS craft punches and would love to use these two punches to get my creative juices flowing again. I'd use the corner punch to make the cutest cards and the photo corner punch to get back to scrapbooking.

  • We're on a tight budget having to move after losing employment, so the punches will be used for:
    - handmade moving announcements (with rounded corners)
    - temporary wall artwork in our new place (with colorful photo corners)
    A dream come true for our frugal needs! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • Omg!!! I love the photo corner punch....what a great idea. I'm always looking for premade more! I can create my own for my scrapbooks, shadow boxes, and framed pictures.

  • I make all my own cards and tons of memory books. Both punches would be great.

  • Yahoo! What great tools!

  • It would be SO appreciated to receive a punch. I like many, have just punched-out my other punches, and haven't been able to afford to replace it. I love card making and scrapbooking, and have been trying to find ways to do so on a small budget (especially under the current economic strains) and would greatly appreciate these replacements for punches that don't really work anymore.

  • I would use these to scrapbook my wedding album. We got married just over a year ago and I have not put together the album yet:)

  • The photo corners punch is a great idea! My parents' 45th anniversary is next year and I would love to use the punch to make a photo album of their long journey.

  • I would be ever so grateful for a NEW corner punch - I have had my old one for over 6 years! I create scrapbooks for people to busy to craft their own so it gets a lot of use and it really ready for a replacement.

  • I have always loved the idea of a simple photojournal for my children's "scrapbooks". How beautiful would simple black and white photos be with pops of color from the photo corner punch all over the page?

  • My daughter is getting married in 5 weeks! We are making tons of labels and signs for the candy bar and other aspects of the reception. And we will be making photo albums for grandmothers and family. There is nothing like a Martha tool to make it beautiful!

  • The idea of making my own photo corners is awesome. What a great punch. I love the corner punch as well - I will use them for dinner placecards - the punch will give them a more finished look.

  • I want it to make my christmas decorations this year!

  • i love making cards or art with rounded corner papers, so this would be fantastic tool to have at hand. thanks so much for the chance to win!!! :D cheers

  • Love the idea of the photo corner punch! Haven't seen one of those before. So nice to be able to make them out of coordinating papers whenever you need them.

  • Wow, the photo corner punch is just awesome! For sure both of them will be very useful in my scrapbooking projects!

  • I would love to use these on my upcoming wedding decorations, favors, and invitations! Saving as much money as possible so its a DYI

  • I have not had the priviledge to work with this neat gadget. I'm not a scrapbooker but I do make invitations by hand. I would love to get my hands on one to better my skills :) I would also use the lil guy on my business cards to give a different look.

  • I’d use these punches to start organizing my family photo albums

  • I'm teaching my grandkids to scrapbook. They would have a great time with these punches. The photo corner punch will be great for using up small scraps of paper.


  • It's early, but I'm already thinking about Christmas cards! Instead of ordering photo cards this year, I've decided to make mine. The rounded corner punch looks much easier to use than the one I have right now. And the photo corner punch will be perfect for including our annual family photo.

  • Wow, where to start. First I would start with scrapbooking,then my card making, then the indroductiorary cards. Plus all is shared with my daughter, so everything has a good and useful life.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  • My 6-year old wants to start her own card making business and is preparing to make Christmas cards. I'd give her the punches as a gift, to encourage my little "Dreamer into Doer!"

  • I'm a crafty teacher, always looking for new ways to help me make our classroom bulletins look pretty! Photo displays are one of my favorite things to do, but they look so unfinished. If I had a corner rounder AND a corner punch, this wouldn't be an issue anymore!

  • I would use both punches for scrapbooks filled with family pictures, both old and new.

  • I would use them to make Christmas presents and Christmas tags! I soooo hope I win~

  • I love the photo corner punch - what a good idea! Where are the winners for the screw punch?



  • The punches are wonderful to use- I use them for cards, and plan to start photo pages and collages now that school is in and one off to college! A corner punch is one that I haven't tried, and would like the opportunity to win one.

  • I actually do not own one of these so it would be a great asset to my scrapbooking collection. I currently buy my photo corners but I've only found them in ivory. I think it would be a great way to add creative fun colors to my photos.

  • Would love to use this with my geneology photo album!

  • We make lots of crafts to sell at our church boutique. I can see us using these punches for decorating gift bags, making cards, labels and gift tags. We can also use them for making posters and signs for the sale.

  • The corner rounder is indispensable. What wouldn't it be used for? And my current one is just getting dull, so the timing is perfect. The photo corner punch would motivate me to finally get some photos on the wall of my entry.

  • I started making cards with our children when they were small and we lived away from their grandparents. Now I AM a grandparent and I will use the corner punches to make cards for my grandchildren-and, when they are with us, teach them to make cards, too.

  • I love my MS punches. The corner punches would be fantastic for photos, invites and cards. It's great to be able to make your own photo corners to match your projects as standard ones are limited in color.

  • I would use it in the albums I'm making for my newborn niece!

  • I would use them for anything starting with homemade cards to labels to Christmas presents to pictures...please, please let me win!!

  • After moving back to the US last march, I've found a bunch of old boxes full of photos. I was tempted to throw them all away but then my 15 year-old daughter suggested we make a scrapbook-type project.
    Besides I love making my very own cards (business, greetings, thank-you's, etc.
    So I could have lots of punching practice with these tools lol

  • My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Europe, I'd love to have this to help me make a scrapbook commemorating the trip for him!

  • If this were happening any other year, I'd use the corner punch primarily on my handmade cards and to doll up our photo collection... but my partner and I married this summer, so we have a great many wedding snapshots to print and send out to family and friends. Handmade photo corners would be a great way to personalize them!

  • Id love to own one of these as i love to round my corners, they look so neat and tidy and a Martha Stewart punch... well... what can i say? they are fantastic punches, so grovelling over, please add me to your list as id love to own one of the pretty pretty please!

  • These punches would be great for the scrapbooks I want to make! So instead of slaving so much time cutting the sides perfectly, I can just punch them now.

  • I would love to have these punches... the photo corner punch has me thinking about attaching recipes cut out of newspapers or magazines into a personal cookbook... the tape i've been using looks awful after a while.

  • i will use this corner punch with everything! to take the edge of... :) What a great giveaway.. Viva-la-Martha!!

  • These look awesome! The photo-corner punch is one of those why-didn't-someone-think-of-this-sooner items. I will use these to personalize and finally complete my wedding album; married two years now! Thank you for passing all your wonderful inspiration on through this blog.

  • I've never used photo corners before and this looks so great that you can make your own to customize them. I would definitely use these to scrapbook my upcoming vacation.

  • Wow! First of all the corner punch would be used for my hand made cards that I love to send out to friends and family. The photo punch would be used to help me create my grandmother's recipe book and keep them organized and special alongside photos of cooking with her and the wonderful food and memories we created.

  • I am greening my approach to gift giving and trying to hand make more and purchase less. Believe me these would get abused...and I have a tool obsession.

  • I would love to try out a photo punch. It looks like you can use it in so many different places.

  • I took a trip to Amsterdam this past July, I would use the rounder punch and the photo corner punch to make an Amsterdam scrapbook.

  • I love being reminded of the classic photo corners! It reminds me of flipping through the many pages of my grandfather's photo albums. I love thinking about his small black and white photos with white trim and I recall flipping each page so slowly and asking him to share his stories. Although many years later the photos have slightly yellowed and the little photo corners don't quite hold to the page the way they once did. I would love to have a new custom photo punch to create a new album for him on his 93rd birthday. Complete with bright colored corners... I'm sure he would love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • What wouldn't I use these and photo albums, obviously, but the possibilities for making paper goods even more beautiful seem endless! The round corner punch would have really come in handy last year when I made my own Eames-inspired house of cards.

  • Wheeeee! I'd love to win these! I recently just started an independent stationery design shop and these corner punches would be so helpful! The rounded corner punch has especially been my wish list for a long time!

  • I dabble in cardmaking and bookmarks and these punches would be a perfect addition to my supplies. I am the proud owner of a Martha Stewart butterfly punch and the circle cutter set. They are both a dream to use. Thanks.

  • I love to make my own photo corners to create a simple and traditional scrapbook for the black and white family photos I "inherited" from my grandparents.

  • Oh, what a fun contest.
    I would use the photo corner punch to dress up pictures in my family history books. They are the perfect addition to make things looked old fashioned.
    I would use the corner rounder punch to make hand-made To/From Gift tags.

  • Photo corner punch would be great to dress up the lables I am putting on things around the house.
    The round corners would be great for my card crafts!

  • Wow, an old school photo corner punch! I would love to use this. Photo corners are great and somewhat hard to find. The perfect thing for those (like me) who hate the idea of using even acid-free archival adhesives on fragile old photos--which sometimes have notations on the back.

  • I try to create pages for my children's scrapbooks for each season. These punches would make it much more time efficient for me and make them look so professional. Also - Gift Tags galore! Pick Me Martha!

  • how perfect! i'd love to use sassy coordinating photo corners... thanks crafters!

  • Thanks for the chance to win! I just started our wedding scrapbook album and the photo corner punch would be a perfect way to dress up my photos! We were married near Christmas so our colors were white, black, and reds! And the round punch great for photos and mats!

  • I love the MS punches - I would use both of these to create this year's Christmas photo card featuring my gorgeous daughter!

  • I would use it to make gift tags. I would use the photo corner punch to make an album for my mom for Christmas.

  • I'd definitely love to have that photo corner maker - it would be great for photos in scrapbooking but also for a semi-border when making cards.

  • I would totally use these for my cardmaking projects, as well as some scrapbooking stuff!

  • My corner rounder made such a subtle but stylistically important difference when we made our own wedding invitations, and I would love to have other corner shaping options--I just love the personalized effect!

  • I would replace the corner rounder that I already have that is really hard to punch with! I love it on photos, also for titles on my scrapbook pages, as well as my kids always do crafts with me and really love this tool! It adds the nicest finishing touch to cards and other projects (labels, tags, etc).

  • Not new to crafting, but am new to papercrafting and spend too much time drooling over all the various tools. Love love LOVE the idea of corner punches for cards and tags and they are at the top of my list of desired papercrafting tools. They give everything such a polished look!

  • oh... I've never seen anything like these! I would use them all the time for framing my photos in my scrapbooks! Thank you for providing such high quality tools for paper crafters like me!

  • quisiera saber como comprar,los corner punch, soy de argentina. me los podrian mostrar. seria pra hacer targetas. gracias bettina

  • I recently started scrapbooking. I think this tool would be very handy and well used!

  • If I win the corner punches will quicky go to work with rounding the corners on stationery I design & letterpres.

  • No fancy business card holder for me - I'm keeping the business cards for my business in a repurposed spray-painted Altoid tin (which is very pretty and chic). I have order my business cards with rounded corners so they fit, which looks very cool but costs a bit more. With one of these I could DIY the corners and save some money. I'd put in a movie and snip away!

    theambershow at gmail dot com

  • Oooh, those are lovely! If I had those punches I would complete the long overdue task of making the physical photo albums for all my digital photos!

  • I would use them for scrapping, crafts, and anything else I can, but I could really use them to help make my cards for soldiers overseas during Christmas that much better! I'm in the Military (Army) and I know how precious a beautifully decorated and handmade card is and what it means to those without their loved ones during the holidays!

  • I would use these punches alongside all my other MS punches to finally start creating baby books for twins!
    Much over due!

  • My mother passed away Friday. I've been pouring through piles of very old photos. I'd love to make corner slips with a punch. It would really help out in making a cohesive collection of these memories for my kids and future generations who will not have had the blessing of their own memories of my dear Mom.

  • I love the punches! I have been hand-cutting corners for my baby books. I am due with a second baby soon and will use them for my hand-made announcements! Thanks for the give-away!

  • After salivating over it since I first saw it in a local store, I recently stole funds from my weekly lunch allowance to purchase the Martha Stewart Drippy Goo Wing Edge punch and I've been up all night making cards ever since! My sister makes the most beautiful Halloween costumes every year for her whole family, and coupled with the drippy goo edge punch, the corner punch would be a perfect tool to create scrap booking pages to last a lifetime! In fact, I'm already designing the perfect Christmas gift in my mind...pre made scrap book pages just waiting for this years Halloween pictures!

  • Thank you. I would use the punches on paper for cards and stationery & use the cut-outs on the envelopes. :)

  • I run a womans group, the members want to learn how to make cards. I would use the punches to teach them. along with other Martha Stewart projects.

  • I make treat bags by decorating brown lunch bags with stickers, stamps and paints. The round corner punch would make a nice scalloped edge on the bag. The photo corner punch would make hole pattern around the edge to leave open or fill with ribbon or colored paper. Something different!

  • Oh my gosh. I have the regular loop punch. I am fortunate enough to work at Muchaels so I could get first dibs on our new powper pannel of Martha stewart punches but those corner loop punches have already gone like crazy and we won't be getting any more in! I would LOVE to have the corner to match it's brother :)

  • I am a scrapbooker & would utilize this tool a lot in my hobby. I have found that MS punches are made with great quality & would love to add this one to my collection!

  • Oh theses punches would make my life so much easier. I make cards everyday (some with photos in them), so not having to round my corners with scissors would be heaven! and custom photo corners... no complaints here! the martha stewart punches that i do already have are amazing and i would love to have two more!

  • I would use the corner punches to make personalized note cards that I would give away to folks who visit!

  • A friend and I hold a fall cardmaking event at church. Volunteers make greeting cards for 4 hours and all the cards are donated to a local nonprofit for inclusion in their holiday baskets. This year we made 52 dozen cards! More punches would be so helpful!

  • I would so love a MS punches I want to make all My Christmas gifts with what We have at home so I am thinking scrapbooks with set person pictures and cards....with unemployment for both Husband and Myself this would be great....thank you Love to rubberstamp, card making and scrapbooking

  • My twins boys used the Thank You Punch to send Thank you notes to the Make A Wish Foundation for hosting an amazing Halloween Party. We had an incredible time at the party and the boys had a great time expressing that my using the punch to create homemade thank you notes!

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