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TV Crafts : Dead Ringer

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This summer I had the pleasure of revisiting Paris. I’ll be honest, I’ve had mixed feeling about past trips for whatever reasons, but this time around I was smitten. Maybe this was because of the perfect weather, or perhaps because I was with great friends. On one of these beautiful days my besty Charlie and I went to the famous Pere-Lachaise Cemetery -- the final resting place for such legends as Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, and Maria Callas. I had been here once before nearly 20 years ago during a semester study abroad, so it was interesting to see how my experience differed from the first time around. Rather than scrambling to check off names of the dead and famous, I found myself obsessing on one type of repeated ornamentation: porcelain flower wreathes. The more faded and aged they had become, the more beautiful they were to me. I suppose I was so drawn to them because I am both a craft and floral designer -- hopefully they will inspire a future project for the show. Anyway, take a look and please share any insight or personal experiences you may have with them.


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  • These wreaths are lovely! On my last and only visit to Pere-Lachaise, I was most definitely scrambling to check names off a list. I hope to return to this lovely cemetary again in the future and I'll keep an eye out for those beautiful and unique pieces of art.

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  • These are so interesting! I especially love the more dimensional polychrome wreaths with what look like pansies. I wonder the significance of the flowers... pansy = pensee = to think... think of those who have passed? It's a nice concept, don't you think?

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