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Our Sources : Economy Candy

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As Halloween approaches, we wanted to share one of our favorite candy resources with you.  In publishing, we develop seasonal stories throughout the year.   Since we use candy for favors and styling, like in the Halloween table setting below, we frequently need seasonal candy out of season.Halloween

Luckily, we work close by to Economy Candy.  They'r packed floor to ceiling with a huge variety candy, perfect for styling or snacking needs.  They've been around since 1937, and are a city institution in their own right.

store front

Don't worry if you can't stop by, they have an extensive website!

candy bags

Feeling like a kid in a candy store yet?

more candy

There's always something to match the pallette we're using.

candy store

What candies do you use when making sweet favors and decorations?

Comments (6)

  • Economy candy IS the best! I used to work in Soho, so an impromptu lunch-time adventure to the candy store was only 10 minutes away.

    The best part is all the retro candy they have like candy cigarettes and rock candy.

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  • I used Economy Candy to buy most of the goods for a display at my wedding (like the one in the Halloween photo, but in my wedding colors). One thing I did pick up elsewhere was a couple boxes of giant Pocky--those chocolate-dipped snack sticks from Japan. They used to sell them at Pearl River Dept. Store, and I assume the still do. Great addition placed in a vase--each stick is individually wrapped.

  • I wish I had known about this last week! We just ordered a bunch of pink and black candy for a baby shower next month.

  • Candy coated chocolate candies are so versatile, I tend to use them a lot when making simple gifts and candy treats. The M & M/Mars brand used to have some colors on their mega m&m's that were particularly good for fall decorations. I was sad when they discontinued making those, just for the variety of colors they provided....


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