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Make It : Faded Paper

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To avoid fading, I try to keep my paper projects out of direct light in our sun-drenched craft room. But fading is not always undesirable- I discovered this forgotten pink paper on a windowsill at our old office and used it to make some valentine postcards.  

ombre rhino valentines

I like the ombre effect on the rhinos (traced onto the pink paper with a cookie cutter, then cut out).  I was thinking I might take advantage of these bright summer days to make a stash of faded papers.

While on the topic of the old office... I recently came across some photos of  inspiration boards at the 42nd Street office.

Athena inspiration board

Nick inspiration board

Corinne inspiration board

Can you spot anything in these pictures from past Living stories?

Blake inspiration board

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  • The faded paper rhinos are great! And to think, I usually just recycle that faded paper thinking it was ruined. Thanks for the great tip!

  • I don't know about past stories, but I spy a strip of tatted lace in the second to last picture. I tat, too! Any truth to the rumors that Ms. Stewart was a lacemaker at one time?

  • it's so nice to see your board, filled with such possibility! check out that shoe :)
    it is something special when you put bunch of pieces you -like- together, and magically it morphs into something you love.

    how wonderful to see what you are up to, crafts department! beautiful, as always.

  • Its very nice......

  • Gotta love those happy accidents where a project turns out all the better for something unplanned. Those moments are complete serendipity.

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