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Make It : Fireworks

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Goodbye summer days!  You will be missed.

To preserve and share one of my favorite summer pastimes I've used these fireworks photos as inspiration for some postcards.


fireworks detail 2

fireworks detail 4

fireworks detail 5

fireworks detail 6

fireworks detail 7

I started by collecting materials that remind me of fireworks- metallic bits, tinsel, sequins, tissue (for smoky effect).



You will also need black card stock cut into postcard-size pieces, cellophane wrap cut into larger pieces, with enough overhang to fold around back of card, and a large adhesive label.  


Sprinkle your "fireworks" into the center of the cellophane wrapper.  Place black card on top, and fold excess cellophane around back, tacking in place with tape, then sealing with your adhesive label.


Shake your card and watch the fireworks fly!

Comments (5)

  • how fun!

  • oh my gosh! i love it. .i was wondering where you were going with everything- and then i see the final result. .can't wait to make some, for friends, and myself.

  • i'm a huge fan of before/after photos or inspiration shots paired with the final result. personally, i keep a ton of tear sheets as well as an "inspiration" cork board in my office full photos that inspire me to create/travel/dream big!

  • this blog is awesome - thanks so much for letting us all in on your creative sparks! truly inspiring :)

  • that is an awesome idea, will post it over at

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