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Make It : First day of school 'Schultuete'

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In Germany, where I spent most of my school days, it is tradition to get a 'Schultuete' for your first day of entering Elementary school in first grade. Those cones are filled with candy, new pencils, stickers ... it is the most exciting thing ever for a 6 year old.


My children are no longer first graders, nor did they grow up in Germany, but I thought entering Middle School is big enough to deserve this kind of a treat. Of course this cone isn't nearly as cute as mine those many years ago (cute and a boy going into Middle School don't match) ; probably filled with more candy than mine was (colored pencils aren't nearly as exciting at 11 years old);  nor is it as large. But I hope it celebrates this exciting day and helps ease away the anxiety ....  (now if I could only figure out how to get as fun of a photograph without having to wear a mini skirt)


Cut a quarter circle out of a heavy cardstock. (you can tie a piece of string equal the length to the height you want your finished cone to be to a pencil and use that as a compass). Add heavy duty double stick tape  to one side. Roll the quarter circle into a cone shape, peel off the protective paper of the double stick and press down. On the inside of the cone add a thin line of glue, then attach a sheet of tissue paper just along the edge all around. Repeat this process on the top edge of the outside of the cone. (you may want to add a thin ribbon along the outside, to hide imperfections).



Now you can fill the cone and tie off the tissue. 

If you'd rather buy an already assembled cone  you simply need to decorate, you can find one here.

Happy First Day of School !

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  • Oh I love it that you featured our tradition. My little grandcousin started school this year and I got "crazy" about making cones. You can see my finished results here: I hope you like them!
    Yours, Theresa

  • ... oh and I forgot: I also posted about the history of sugar cones in Germany: here ( and here (

  • What a cute idea!

  • Theresa, you did a great job on those "Schultueten", :-) We must have the same book (girls only, Schultueten fuer Maedchen), I made the unicorn Schultuete for my daughters first day of school. My older daughter had a mermaid Schultuete, but that was 6 years ago. :-(

  • It is so fun to read about parents following this tradition here in the States, especially since I know from first hand experience how nice and exciting it is to receive a cone yourself. I grew up in Munich and live now in Chicago. Five years ago, when my first daughter Lillian went to school here I made a Schulltute for her and the reaction of all the other kids was so amazing that I then had the idea to bring this tradition here and I founded KinderCone. We still make the little cones at festivals and I also have craft cones available, but I have been selling online and donating KInderCones in Chicago schools and to see ALL kids have one is quite a sight. I hope to make the first day of school a new day of celebration for all families here in America.

  • Thanks for the tip on German Corner. My mom has been looking for Advent wreath candle holders forever! I've been hearing for the last 20 years how I must have stolen them from her. (Not true!)

  • My 2 grandsons received a Schueltuete for Kindergarten and first grade. I think besides being a fun gift, it is also a symbol to the child how important school is. I am 79 years old and can still remember my first day of school, I would say the Schultuete had a lot to do with it. formerly aus Berlin Germany.

  • I crafted the Schultuete for and with all the kids of my sons Preschool who'll enter Primary School next year. They all loved it - especially when they learned what the cone will contain - and some parents kept them.
    I will also follow up the German tradition of having a party with friends and family prior to the first day in "Big School".
    I grew up in Germany and have forgotten most of my childhood birthday parties. My first day in school however will stay with me forever.

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