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Our Sources : M & J Trimming

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 M & J is always one of our first stops when shopping for trims. Be it ribbon, sequins, or leather , they have a fantastic selection. It's always fun to stop in and see what kinds of treats you'll find. 



Recently many of my friends have gotten engaged and are planning weddings. They each came to me looking for a specific type of ribbon, in a very specific color palette. I sent them all to M & J and everyone came back successful. It's no wonder. Check out these walls of color!


In addition to ribbons, they have a huge selection of decorative appliques, tassels, lace, even feather boas. To make matters better - they have a great website to peruse the selection online, but if you ever have a chance to visit the store in person it's worth it.

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  • Oh my, that's a dreamy store! I wish I had one near me.

  • Every time I go to NY I have to stop at MJ Trim.......even if I have no projects!
    It's a dream store.

  • I have bought so many different types of ribbon and trim from M&J Trim (and buttons and beads from M&J Button) over the years. They really do have almost every ribbon you could ever want or imagine. Right now I'm working on trimming the collar of an old cashmere cardigan with some amazing butterfly pleated grosgrain ribbon from M&J. Such an amazing store, and the employees are so helpful!

  • Why oh why is there not a store like this in Suwanee, GA??? This looks like heaven to me...

  • A store full of rows and rows of ribbons sounds heavenly! One could collect a whole boxful just for trimming hats ... or tying up Christmas packages ...

  • That store is just heavenly. I could get lost in there for hours.

  • M&J's is just what I have SCOURING the internet for!! YES, thank you Martha!!! I live in Northern BC and well you can imagine that original items like these can be next to impossible to find and the prices, YES.
    Thank You.....

  • Thank you for your review. We are happy to be your supplier for trimmings and embellishments. We look forward your next visit.

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  • oh wow... my mind just went crazy. I wouldlove to beable to go to astore like that . I only know of one store that barely comes close to that one , It is (was in SF) I don't even think it is still in business oh welll

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