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Behind the Scenes : Needle Felting Shoot

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You may notice today that we have a new, needle felting inspired header! Last week, I shared pictures of the prep work that went into the needle felting story in the September issue. We talked about doing letters of some sort in the story but they never made it in, so it was really fun to work on them for the blog!  To stay on theme, I thought I would post a couple shots from the actual photo shoot. 


A lot of our shoots are done with digital cameras these days, which means we get to see the final outcome of the shots right there as we work. When working on film, you have to take a series of polaroids to get the lighting, props & setting just right before you take the final shots. Frank Heckers shot the needle felting story on film. I shot these pictures of his polaroids on digital. It's a mixed up, crazy world.


Once we are happy with how all the pieces are coming together, we trim down our favorites and tape them up so we can see how we're coming along. As you can see, we had a lot to chose from for the scarf shot. 


Photo by Frank Heckers

Here's how the final turned out. I think you'll agree it was all worth it. 

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  • I wanted to pass on that the needle felting article is really terrific and I have made a version of the ombre style scarf as a birthday gift. It was very simple to do and worked out really well. I'm keen to try the ambitious blanket - I was particularly taken with the colour palette you used. lovely story thanks!

  • The photo looks great but it would be so much more fun to see one of the real Martha Stewart crafters wearing the scarf instead of the model. You are all so cute and fashionable!

  • I loved this idea and plan to make these as gifts for Christmas. Where do I find it on the web site. I borrowed out my magazine and didn't get it back. I don't know what issue it is from either. Please e-mail or give me the exact wording /catagory for finding it.
    Thank you,

  • Crafter Comment:

    Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm so glad you liked the needle felting projects.
    Tracy - You can find all the projects and how-tos in the September issue of Living. Unfortunately, none of the content is on the web at this time.
    Ramona -The blanket is ambitious, but manageable when you work in sections. I say go for it! We would love to see a photo when you've finished. If you can, please send a digital shot to It's always fun for us to see the projects we work so hard on for the magazine out in the real world!!

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