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Tools & Materials : PATP Instructions

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Thank you for the overwhelming response to the Punch Around The Page (or PATP for short) punches.  We're so happy that you seem to be as excited about them as we are!  If you're having trouble aligning the punches, here are some guidelines and measurements that will help you get it right every time. Just click on the image below to see it enlarged.  We'd love to see what you've been creating with your PATPs...



Comments (14)

  • Thanks for sharing these guidelines!

  • even when enlarging these punch instructions, they are too small to read.

  • Crafter Comment:

    You can click on the image in the post and it will enlarge as a separate window. Hope that helps

  • please tell me where else can I purchase the "Loops" style punches other than my local Michaels? Is it a set of two or are they sold seperately for the corner piece and then the edge punch? My Michaels store can't seem to get them in. Impatiently waiting - Thank you -Pamela Fonte/St. Petersburg, FL. :)

  • If you are going to come up with these beautiful punches...please please...make enough so we can find have the one on your web site, not shipping until October 15th ? Whassup ?
    you know us crafters..we see it, we want it...

  • The punches have been extremely popular so unfortunately we are back ordered but are expecting new stock in October. There are a few online retailers that carry the punches although they too are out of stock. and Select Walmart stores also carry the loops, and three other styles. We're so excited that you have expressed such interest!

  • I love mine, only thing is I caught a quick teaser on punching in circle witht hte conner punch and for the life of me can't figure it out. please responed!! e-mail or in blog. a short video would be great.

  • I purchased the village punch because the ad photo in the store looked so cute. I got it home and now don't know what to do with it. Suggestions?

  • I love corner punches--but now I love these. I have 4 different sets. I got the loop one by the corner punch and now cant find the border one to match. It does take practice to get them right--but not much. Keep them coming.

  • I forgot to mention--these instructions look like the ones that come in every punch.
    I also got the villiage and the turkey dinner cutters--I put them inside my cards as extra bonus

  • I bought the heart punch & the punch isn't cutting all the way through. It seems the blades aren't
    sharp enough. Please Help!

  • The instructions don't really help. I have the PATP lattice set. I can punch the corners and it is easy to line up the next cut, but how do you tell how to line up the second straight cut? I know you have the straight pattern, but how much paper to you push through before punching the next cut? (It's easy on 5" sq paper but after that I can't get the next cut right!)

  • Here is a recent project I did with the art deco punch around the page punch. There are several others on my blog as well.

  • I'd like to see links to diagrams that can be printed directly onto plain white paper and then cut out and used as templates so that I won't have to carefully measure and cut to size the cardstock that I plan to punch.

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