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Tools & Materials : Pilot HI-TEC-C

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I love these pens, the Pilot HI-TEC-C pen is so great because it has such a fine point, they are available in 0.4 and 0.3 and even 0.25mm! There are lots of fine tip felt pens available but I'm a hard writer and I tend to destroy the felt tip. What I love about them is that they are durable, smooth, extremely fine, and come in a lot of colors, things you don't usually find all in one pen.

They are difficult to find in the US, but you can find them in new york and on the west coast at Kinokunia bookstores. I also found them at the Tokyo Pen Shop online.

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  • I love these pens so much! They write with such precision that I haven't found in any other pen. The only problem is when the tips break and you just started to use the pen!

  • Hi Nick!

    You can also find them on eBay.

  • I loooooooooove these pens. Why can't American pen folks come out with more precision pens? (.4 is NOT "extra fine"!)

  • most korean stationary/gift stores sell them along with lots of other cutsie goodness

  • i love the tokyo pen shop! they have the best stuff, and ship orders super fast. it's a great place to get both super thin and super thick lead mechanical pencils, as well as any other pens and pencils you might want.

  • Tokyo Pen Shop has these great fine point pens and lots of others. I love the notebook selection, too. I buy supplies for myself, and extras as gifts for my friends.

  • I love the Pilot HI-TEC-C pens, they are so great for crafts. I must visit this tokyo pen shop everyone is talking about.

    eBay Link to Pilot Hi-Tec:

    They work really well and provide such a highly refined line!

    Happy crafting,


  • There are so many cool pens in Japan. Everytime I go back home to visit my parents in Tokyo, I go to "Tokyu Hands" (DIY department store in the center Tokyo area) or "Kinokuniya" (biggest bookstore chain in Japan, I think). I drool over those writing utinciles and stationaries. I'm going back to Japan this December, I'll make sure to pick those pens up (along with a few other cool office supplies!)

  • has the best selection of fine point pens -- they ship fast. Have you tried a Slicci? Beautiful colors and stronger tips than the Hi-tec-Cs.

  • I've had great success ordering these from They have tons of beautiful colors and ship fast.

    Fell in love with these in South America and London--now I can get them in the US! Fantastic pens!

  • Thanks for the advice, Nick. Another very good fine tip pen for writing on fabric is the Pigma Color Technologies Micron. It's water proof and fade resistant. You can buy it at Joann Fabrics for about $3.

  • I went to Kinokuniya in Seattle today and picked up two of those cool pens. I am excited about using the pens to designs for etched metal jewelry pieces later today!

  • Another place to get Hi-Tec-Cs is They have like 50 different colors of Hi-Tec-Cs. I love the store, cheap shipping and fast.

  • Now that you have a pen you like never lose it. I've found that this 3rd ear product is really neat for crafters and hobbyists. check out

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