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Behind the Scenes : Pumpkin Mushrooms

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Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the development of an upcoming halloween project, making mushrooms from pumpkins and squash. We are always trying to dream up new things to do with pumpkins each October, and I was casting about for a good idea - which came to me on the subway of all places. I had seen this image somewhere on the internet -


Which I think you'll agree is oddly mesmerizing... the squash and asparagus parasol seemed especially compelling. Then, I remembered these Japanese candies, which were floating around the office at the time. (incidentally they are really great cake decorations...)


So the resulting experiment looked like this:

which eventually evolved to this!


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  • The cover looks like a different world. The pumpkin mushrooms are great and different! I also like the snail. I've never seen this done before. Great work!

  • I love these ideas - just beautiful. I went to World Market just after reading it and they had boxes of the candies there. It seemed as though the Universe was telling me to buy some - so I did!

  • Once again, loving all things behind the scenes- especially your inspiration.

  • Great idea! I love the inspiration images... is the puppy with umbrella a Joost Effers creation?

  • Those are great!

  • That first picture must come from the books written by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers.

    My son and I love their books. We recreated some of their veggie and fruit creations.

  • The perfect blog....magically delicious! Thank you.

  • Love this idea. We're doing a Alice in Wonderland theamed Halloween this year and these toadstools will fit in perfectly.

  • My kids love this cover. It was great to read how the idea came about.

  • The image of the pear-dog and acorn-squash-umbrella 'floating around the Internet' is an illustration from one of Joost Elffers' beautiful children's books (the first of which was 'Play with Your Food'.

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