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I'm working on a few baby quilts right now at home (lots of due dates in November and December) and I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite sources for quilt fabric and tools while my mind is all quilty.

Some prints I chose for baby quilts -- by Michael Miller, Lizzy House, and Riley Blake -- all available at

Some prints I chose for baby quilts -- by Michael Miller, Lizzy House, and Riley Blake -- all available at

Online, my go-to source for quilt fabric and tools is always Hancock's of Paducah (not to be confused with the Hancock fabrics chain). They have fantastic prices and great sales, the fabric is excellent quality, and they have speedy shipping and friendly customer service.

Two other online shops who have curated some really beautiful and hard-to-find prints are fabricworm and The Virginia Quilter (also good for tools and patterns). I found the Virginia Quilter early on in my quilting career when I was looking for prints that were more "hip" than what most quilting ladies were using - I found them there, and they still don't disappoint.

When you've pieced together all your fabric and you're ready to quilt, The Stencil Company has every quilting stencil imaginable.

Offline, I love love LOVE Pennington Quilt Works, way out of the way in Pennington, NJ, surrounded by farmland and quaint little towns. Totally worth the trip if you are anywhere near NJ/NY/PA - they have a great selection (4,000 bolts, for those of you who are impressed by these things), great classes, and a wide selection of patterns for sale - my favorites being self-published by local quilters. They also have a bead shop and knitting shop on either side of them, so if you are super-crafty, you could go absolutely insane there with some friends. When I'm in NYC, The City Quilter (around the corner from our TV studio) and Purl Patchwork keep me quite happy, and they're great destinations for any quilter visiting the Big Apple. (And all these brick-and-mortar stores have a small online shop if you can't make it here!)

Let me know your faves - online or off - and happy quilting!

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  • Ooo... Fabric Worm is my new favorite site! Thank you!!!


  • Do you have an recommendations for quilting classes around Boston, MA? I have been trying to learn how to quilt but my basic sewing skills are lacking. Do you use a sewing machine primarily?

  • My name is Karen Anderson-Bennett and I have been quilting for more than 20 years and have come up with an idea where a quilt can be used for winter as well as summer when someone does not want to chance to the look of their room. I would like to explain this to Martha or some one from her staff to see if this is even some thing that would sale or if I am looking in the wrong area.
    Thank you for yiour time,

  • I am a fabric nut! I collect fabrics all the time. Thanks for the fabric recommendations!

  • You did a project on #793 was air on 12-9-09
    quilting a square out of skin ties. do you the pattern for the quilt squares.


  • Kirsten,

    I love the baby blanket you made; could you possibly e-mail the instructions to me. I also love your choice os fabrics thanks for the links to your sources.


  • I love it when the MS Living magazine has resources for quilting, trims, fabric, etc.. in it. Perhaps, MSL staff could do a special section every month in the magazine. Would be so helpful and wonderful!!!

    Hope they read these comments.

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