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Around Town : SPACECRAFT

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My Design Director, Megen, told me about Spacecraft, a crafting boutique in his neighborhood and it got me thinking about crafting communities.


Spacecraft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

from_spacecraftStella from Spacecraft sent us some images from the shop.  Check out the adorable package they came in!


In addition to selling crafting supplies and materials, Spacecraft hosts classes, workshops, and parties.  Some topics include: felting, paper making, silkscreening, and calligraphy for kids.  They even host a men's craft night!



I also stumbled upon Moomah (via design*sponge), a "creative arts cafe" in Tribeca.  I've been meaning to get myself out to visit these places.  I think it's great to have a neighborhood spot where people can gather together and work on craft projects.  Do you have places like this where you live?  Or is crafting something you primarily do alone?  I'd love to hear from you.

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  • The Bobbin's Nest in Santa Clara, CA is a great place to go and knit, crochet or sew. It's adorable and the people are the nicest in the world. They help you with everything or just chat about anything.

  • oh, I would love to visit this crafting community! I mostly craft on my own, but I wish there was something like this shop in my town. I would love to explore all of those little red drawers. :-) Thank you for sharing this idea. Hopefully the next time I get out to NY I will visit.

  • [...] include: felting, paper making, silkscreening, and calligraphy for kids The rest is here:  SPACECRAFT « The Crafts Dept. Categories: Art, Crafts Tags: and-parties-, Crafts, home, make-sure, paper-making, spacecraft, [...]

  • Spacecraft looks amazing! I do have a place I hang and craft in San Diego. It's called The Grove and is about half bookstore and half yarn/fabric/beads. The environment is beautiful, warm and friendly and you can go meet up with other knitters or crafters anytime. There are classes, knitalongs and a lot of inspiration. It's my favorite place to be on the weekends! There is a coffeehouse across the street that makes the best scones in the city too. Heaven!

  • What a great profile of one of my favorite crafty spaces in Brooklyn!

  • Crafting is a process of personal creation for me, much different from socializing, so I complete my projects solo.

  • I work with wood quite a bit which unfortunately doesn't lend itself to socializing. Sometimes I see a knitting group at my favorite coffee shop and feel kind of lonely that my craft is such a solo activity. I don't think the coffee shop owner would appreciate my dragging in a compound miter saw. Maybe I should start a ladies' woodworking club!

  • what a cool place!! I don't know where you get your amazing ideas but I love them. In fact, I have been wanting to make some of your beautiful fall decorations but I can't find leaves preserved in glycerine anywhere (at least not any that are good). Can anyone help me find a good website that I can order preserved leaves from? I would really appreciated it.

  • This is a subject near & dear to me as I have an online "creative arts cafe" Our community site provides free drawing & animation tools via a browser for people to express themselves through art & words. The clips created on DoInk can be embedded in blogs, sites, pushed to YouTube, used as e-cards, etc. Our tools are similar in style to Adobe Illustrator & Flash but are free, easy-to-use & are connected to a huge library of community shared art. The ultimate compliment to a DoInk user is when their art is reused in someone else's work. Our community is highly engaged and very supportive of each other. We love how they work together on projects in what we like to call "creative social entertainment"

  • The Craft Lounge in Leonia, NJ, has crafting workshops, drop-in crafting, and parties. They also sell gorgeous handmade goods and have a cozy lounge where you can relax with your knitting or crochet!

  • What fabulous and welcoming shops! Sadly I live on Long Island, just a bit too far to hang out at either of them. I have been crafting solo, but have recently begun to look for local places where I can socialize with other crafters. Unfortunately, I'm not having much luck yet... anyone out there know of a good place in Nassau County?

  • I love the idea of this shop! We have nothing like that here in Suwanee, GA but my mother owns a paint-your-own pottery studio, though, in Orlando, FL called Painted By Hue where she does all sorts of events to encourage creative expression (including ladies' nights, mommy and me activities, story time groups, charity fund raising, etc.) She promotes crafts with fused glass, clay, bisque, paint, beads, t-shirt design, etc. and is a hit in her neighborhood for it! YEAHH crafts!

  • I am SO happy to see these little crafting boutiques popping up everywhere. It's thanks to these boutiques that the soul of crafting is kept alive. My sister opened up a crafting boutique in Grasonville, MD about 5 years ago, Wye River Designs. It's all about creative expression - mosaic-making, jewelrymaking, paper crafting, collage, painting, mixed media. She also sells herbs and custom blended teas. So her customers get to sip yummy teas and eat lavender or sage cookies while they are crafting! It's a great place to gather and chat and craft. She also offers free techniques classes at Laugh & Craft on Wednesday nights. These boutiques are the key to teaching and passing the love of creativity and crafting from generation to generation.

  • I craft alone but have a store(Tom Thumb)in my area
    that i spend hours looking thru all the supplies and
    goodies. Would be nice to hang out with
    other crafters, sometimes.

  • This is great info. I will be sure to check it out and get some ideas. The red drawers are so cute!

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