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Ask the Crafts Dept. : Black Cat Halloween

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Wendy from Louisiana asks: 

I so loved the decorations and crafts that Martha had for one of her shows a few years back when she was dressed as a cat for Halloween. . . I have searched the website high & low for the decor, but with no luck. We give a big party each year for Halloween and I would love to replicate this theme for our party - can you help?

We searched high & low as well, and still had no luck. Finally, we got in touch with our web team and asked if they could help in our sleuthing. Luckily, they are much better web searchers than we are and we had success!!

Picture 2

The whole show was black cat themed - Joey dressed as a mouse and the audience was even encouraged to bring their black cat pets to the show! Here is Martha with guest, Andy Dick. She really does make one of the most glamorous black cats I've ever seen.

Here is an overall shot of the set with the black cat theme. I love the little paw prints going across the counter - it's very That Darn Cat - one of my favorite movies from childhood.

Actually - come to think of it, this shot from the film of Dean Jones covered in paw prints could be great costume inspiration for a male accompaniment to a female feline .

Here is a close-up of the cat border and one of the cat silouhettes diving for candy. We found the templates for the dancing cat garland and a great variety of cat silhouettes

Also part of the theme were these fishbone cut-outs hanging in the kitchen window. We found the templates for these here

For a gallery of this and other Halloween shows from the past, click here. I can't wait to see what they come up with this year!

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  • Oh goody! I love all of Martha's halloween shows. Such great ideas and inspiration!

  • What a fun set-up for a Halloween bash. Good thing to revive. Love those fish skeletons as a border for the kitchen - nice touch.

  • Thank you for great ideas and inspiration!
    always looking forward for new ideas,
    Thank you

  • Dean Jones—brilliant idea! That Darn Cat, I love that movie! Martha's Halloween specials are something I look forward to every year. So many great ideas!

  • Hello,

    Martha's costume was amazing!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  • The fish silhouettes are so cool looking that I'd leave them up year round!

  • I have the Martha Stewart Scrapbooking Photo Album with the side loading pages. I have been to a number of Michaels in both Canada & the US and can not find the refill pages. I have spoken with the sales people at Michaels and they don't know whether the refill pages are on back order or discontinued or what. Since I discovered these albums I fell in love with them and would like to continue to use the side loading pages, could you please let me know. Thank you
    Kelly Cridland

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