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Around Town : Burn baby burn

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For the past several years I’ve been lucky enough to attend the annual festival in Nevada known as Burning Man. The event’s origins began with a small group of friends in 1986 on the beach in San Francisco. Now it attracts close to 50,000 people of all ages, from all around the world, who all help create a temporary city for just 1 week in the desert. There’s a ton of information on the web if you’re interested in knowing more about it. The best way to describe it is that it’s like Mad Max meets Vegas. Hence, it’s the perfect place for me get inspiration for Halloween. And at TV, that doesn’t just mean October 31st, it’s the entire month for us, and we love it.

In the evenings at Burning Man it’s important to illuminate yourself, so that you are visible to other “burners” and they won’t crash into you with their bicycles. Most of us do this simply with glow-sticks or little flashy LED pins, but some folks create these elaborate outfits with all kinds of battery operated lighting that are just amazing. So last week when I assisted Alison Lewis, a guest crafter promoting her book Switch Craft, I was so excited to learn how fiber optics work. I won’t spoil what she made on the show we taped, just tune in on Oct. 26 to see it for yourself.

This week I’m sewing with Martha on the show a hysterical octopus/spider costume that will air Oct. 28. The pattern is for kids, roughly 4 years of age. This always proves to be a bit of a challenge getting the fit just right, because obviously we don’t have a bunch of children hanging around the office. Fortunately, my co-workers who are moms, like Lenore Welby, have been gracious enough to bring my projects home in the past, taking photos, and making notes for me. So stay tuned in for great ideas every day.  Download the nifty templates on and let us know what you think.


Charlie and the Birthday-Mobile

Disco Duck Truck

Blue Man at Deep End

Fire Stage

Liz's Hat

Temple `09

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  • Oddly enough, I already knew about Burning Man which I saw on the horrible reality show Bridezillas! Your take on it is much more appealing!

  • very cool

  • Aaron! I loved working with you. You are smart, creative, funny --- the whole nine yards. Thank you and Lenore and Liz so so much for prepping with me and getting me ready for the segment. Sending lots of well wishes on your costumes! I can't wait to see them. Anytime you want to know how to make something light up or move or have interactivity, just give me a call!

    XOXOXO - Alison

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