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Make It : Halloween Costumes: Quick & Easy

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Halloween is around the corner and every season friends ask me for costume crafting help.  My "go to" solution for this Halloween is a hoodie. An inexpensive solid color hoodie can be turned into almost anything. With just a few embellishments, a brown hoodie can easily become a wolf, a green hoodie a frog, a black hoodie a bat—let your imagination romp and your old hooded, heather gray sweatsuit might morph into Dumbo!

Last week Ashley, our script supervisor here at TV, came to me with a costume emergency. She was attending a dinosaur party and had nothing to wear. Last minute, with a little guidance, Ashley whipped up her costume using a green velour hoodie as the base. It was so easy, she wound up making two more for her sister and cousin to wear to the party as well!

Ashley (right) and company dressed in their dinosaur hoodies.
Ashley (right) and company dressed in their dinosaur hoodies.

Scrap pieces of felt work great for easy embellishing. You don't need to worry about fraying or even sewing—felt can be attached with fabri-tac glue.


Fabri-tac can also be used to make interesting details on your hoodie costume like growl lines, lip curls and wrinkles. By drawing a line with the glue on the inside of the hoodie and pinching the fabric together on the outside, holding for a minute while it dries, you can turn a cute creature into a fierce one.

Also, look around your home for inspiration—I craft with things I find laying around my apartment all the time. I used a ping-pong ball to make the eyes on this frog costume.


Don't let your costume stress you out this Halloween. With a few supplies, you can create something fabulous in no time at all. Last year I dressed as a bat and I just might be a winged creature again this year... we'll see!

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  • What a fabulous idea!! I will have to use this next year for my son. Thank you.

  • That is a totally rad ideal! I think I will be doing hoodie costumes from now on :)

  • WOW great idea! so inspiring, my kids will sure love it.
    Thank you

  • Hi there - Wonderful to see the Viking sewing machine on Martha Stewart's t.v. program, which just aired here in WA State at 3:00 p.m. -- I have an idea which maybe someone already has done, but, I thought I'd share with someone there. I saw Martha using the computer screen on the Viking Sewing Machine and she showed a pillow with a curly pattern....So, I thought it would be COOL to first trace your child's head-profile onto paper - then maybe scan the silouette (sp?) into the sewing machine - you get where I'm going with this - One ends up with their child's old-fashion silouette on pillows, hand-made handbag, whatever. Great holiday gift for a mom!! Have fun if you haven't tried this already!! - Artsy-Craftsy-Jakki Parks

  • Fantastic! I am going to make the wolf jacket for this year's Halloween!

  • Great Tip. I think my siblings will love this unique costumes..

  • Very clever. Over the years I have made what seems like a gazillion costumes from hoodies. My favorite was my first son's Halloween, he went as a dalmation. black felt circles and a white hoodie with white sweats, perfect. I made the ears out of felt too. I love felt :)

  • I would wear these year-round!

  • That is absolutely brilliant.

  • WOW great idea! so inspiring, my kids will sure love it.
    Thank you

  • I was inspired and created a Triceratops costume for my three-year-old son! He absolutely loves it & does a great dino impression! Would love to post a pic but haven't a clue how...!

    Thanks so much for the idea!

    Victoria, Canada

  • These costumes are awesome and very creative. There's a lot of ways to go "green" on Halloween, and one of them is making your own costumes out of your own materials (even better if they're recycled). Bravo!

  • [...] great idea, when time is of the essence and you have a spare hoodie to hand, comes from Martha Stewart’s Crafts Dept. The wolf is just one of the examples of what can be done with a hoodie, some felt, fabric glue and [...]

  • You ideas are genius. I'm just a teen, but Ilove the idea of a hoodie costume!

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