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Celebrate : Marcie's Birthday

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A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Marcie's birthday with an autumnal dessert party. The weather has changed suddenly from what felt like a nice late summer to a chilly early fall. We thought we would embrace the change and bring out some old fall favorites. Nick & Blake brought farm fresh apples, Silke made apple muffins and a delicious apple chutney, and I made chocolate gingerbread cookies with a recipe from the Martha Stewart Cookie Book


As you may know from her profile, Marcie's favorite color is red, so we used red patterned napkins, plates and cupcake liners along with large pressed maples leaves to decorate the table.


To personalize the affair, Athena had the great idea to stamp an "M" on our cups that were later filled with apple cider.


She was able to get a nice, even print every time by rolling the cup over the letter stamp. This is a great technique to use for any rounded object you'd like to stamp.

Happy Birthday Marcie!

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  • This is so cute! Is it wrong that I'm craving cookies now and it's not even 11am?

  • When rolling the cups over the stamp, do you weight the inside of the cup? How do you get EVEN pressure? I can see the cup either getting the awful creases on it or the ink being ill distributed. . .



    Oh, and what is that oblong scalloped white "dish" for/made out of?

  • What a great idea to stam on a plain paper cups!

  • What a fun idea for a party!

  • This is such a great idea!!! Love it!

  • Fabulous! I was wondering how you got the stamp on the rounded cup. Thanks for the tip.

  • Those gingerbread cookies with chocolate are my FAVORITE cookie ever -- the ones that are rolled in sugar and crinkly? I make them every Christmas.... so delicious!

  • your birthday celebration is very creative, so cute.

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