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Behind the Scenes : Masks

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Last October Stephen (an MSL Art Director) and I scouted a few locations for the Masks story that appears in the October issue of Living.  We brought along some crafts in order to stage some potential shots.

Owl Stephen in a tree

Doesn't Stephen make a great owl?  As you can see, I made some changes for the final mask we used for the shoot.

Owl Mask, MSL October 2009


And the Bird Mask-

Bird Mask


Yellow Bird Mask

Since the story has more of an autumnal feel, we decided to go with gray instead of black feathers on the final mask.

Bird Masks, MSL October 2009


Halloween is fast approaching!  For these costumes, and many others, make sure to check out our website.


Comments (9)

  • I LOVED LOVED LOVED this story in the mag! Slightly creepy in the perfect way! xoxo

  • I love the bird mask!

  • Beautiful photos!

  • I know where you took these photos... or at least the one of the yellow mask on the statue... one of my favorite places: Old Westbury Gardens! I am lucky enough to have lived about 15 minutes away from this great locale for most of my life and have taken many photos there myself.

  • Amazing masks!!! so beautiful and fancy!

  • Happy Belated Birthday to dear Marcie!
    God bless you with good health, happiness, success and prosperity.
    Best Regards,
    Rowaida Flayhan

  • this was one of my favorite stories in MSL that I've seen in a long time!!! way to go!!

  • The bird, cat and owl masks from last sept./oct. were fantastic. I have been trying ever since then to purchase the paper machie forms but have been unsuccesful. My grandchildred come each summer to spend a week with us and i always try to have a project for them in case it rains. Last year they made flannel quilts to have in the van when Grandpa turns the air conditioner up to high. I am a quilter and this project made them very happy. Emily and Nick are 9 and 7 years old. They did quite well with the rotary cutter and my sewing machine. Yes they were constantly under my evil eye supervision. Nick is a better cutter while Emily is a better sewer. With all of that said I am desperate to obtain some of these wonderful mask forms. I have been in contact with the web site suggested and they are out of stock and have been since your article. Can you lead me to any other source?

    If this turns out well I am considering taking this project to my Olde Crows quilting retreat the first weekend in October. Any suggestions or patterns for a crow mask? Can't you just see us, twenty or more older women with those wonerful masks answering the door on holloween or perhaps we should go trick or treating!

    Thanks for any possible help you can give. Jacqui

  • I love, love, love these masks! I have a few but mine are not nearly as nice as these ones.

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